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Strategies for effective SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT - Jenny Chisom's Tweetscript at #Audacity2Lead blog launch conference

 Hello friends, I remember I told you I was on the panel with 13 other facilitators for the  8-days-long twitter conference that was to mark the launch of the Audacity2lead Blog and also the birthday of the blog curator and author, Dayo Samuel.

My session was by 7pm on saturday, June 21 and I bring you all my tweets, so if you missed it, you can catch up.

Launch your social media brand and get the groove on.

Enjoy the read.

This is the session for learning simple strategies for an effective social media impact. #Audacity2Lead

     1.      Strategies for an effective social media impact is our discourse! #Audacity2Lead @iamDayoSamuel

     2.      I see strategies as Tactics; your own developed-workable success plan to ensure success #Audacity2Lead @iamDayoSamuel

    3.       When you create any social media account and want to make impact, then you must have a project plan #Audacity2Lead @iamDayoSamuel

    4.      A social media project plan won't work without a uniform unique identity that you must decide. #Audacity2Lead @iamDayoSamuel 
    5.     A uniform identity across the desired platforms as @iamemekanobis taught then precedes clear cut project content. #Audacity2Lead

    6.      Content will mean designing what sector (s) of society you are passionate about solving problems for. #Audacity2Lead

    7.      Sectors can be education, industry, development/social work, activating entrepreneurship, health, leadership etc #Audacity2Lead

    8.      For me, it's personal awareness and self-sustenance fuelled by communication passion and flawless presentation. #Audacity2Lead

    9.      So you will find me around writers, authors, public speakers, creative entrepreneurs and being a publicist for them. #Audacity2Lead

   10.   So define your online project content! #Audacity2Lead

   11.   When I first got on social media particularly facebook and blog, I would rant away at why you must write what you mean. #Audacity2Lead

   12.    ...And mean what you write. Then I started interviewing authors, editing script for writers and promoting entrepreneurs. #Audacity2Lead

   13.   Those haven't changed! And I did it at no cost, so my services were appreciated by viral sharing. #Audacity2Lead

    14.   They will share the link where their products/interviews was on my blog and that's a traffic strategy. #Audacity2Lead
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   15.   So plan, choose a platform, decide your sector-solution, develop your content, then publicise that sector for free. #Audacity2Lead

   16.   Beyond my content focus, my values are visible! I'm first a Christian and that value is transparent in my online brand. #Audacity2Lead

    17.    So let your strategy be value-driven! Never be a copy-voice drowned in the majority. #Audacity2Lead

    18.   That's why I stood by Super Eagles as having a not-so bad first outing with Iran even when ...#Audacity2Lead

    19.    ...Most tweeps were abusive, same for leaders in authority. Don't be a double standard online strategist. #Audacity2Lead

    20.    Next: Let your profile bio say who you are and what you use social media for. So never leave it blank or not-telling. #Audacity2Lead

    21.    Treat your followers on twitter, likers on facebook as persons not virtual numbers. It will guide your updates. #Audacity2Lead

   22.    Find time to communicate with them on a personal, i-am-interested-in-you mode. #Audacity2Lead

   23.   Facebook calendar helps remind about birthdays, send your wishes passionately. #Audacity2Lead

   24.   Once in a while make effort to connect with your contacts offline. Those in your city and those whose cities you visit. #Audacity2Lead

   25.   I have never regretted gaining from that strategy. Ask @iamemekanobis and recently @nnamdiabana and many more. #Audacity2Lead

   26.   On Twitter, retweet brands whose ideology you support and let it be endorsements. Don't retweet as a boring joke. #Audacity2Lead

   27.   Take polls periodically! That is, in your solution-sector of course and publish finding. It works wonders! #Audacity2Lead

   28.   Engage with pictures. Don't be a text-only online personality. I could suspect you are scam. Have an avatar too. #Audacity2Lead

    29.   Don't always sell; sell 'care' and you'd get patronage. Here, your language tone and coinage is responsible. #Audacity2Lead

   30.   Respond to your messages promptly and apologise when you have to respond late. Let your contact know you care. #Audacity2Lead

    31.   To grow your followership, follow people who are online at the time you are, so they can follow back immediately. #Audacity2Lead

     32.   On Instagram click on twitter, facebook, foursquare etc when you are posting so you can update across platforms. #Audacity2Lead

    33.   As a blogger ensure your blog is integrated to update your twitter, facebook page and facebook personal account. #Audacity2Lead

    34.   Use to achieve same result &more. Schedule your tweets, no one expects you physically online 247. #Audacity2Lead

   35.   Be a nation builder. Be a mentor. Be an authority. Make impact. #Audacity2Lead

Retweet break Now!!! Are you there? 10 tweets to go after the break. #Audacity2Lead

Back from Retweet break! Are you ready for the last 10 tweets? #Audacity2Lead

36.   Nigerians haven't started with social media yet, comparing with our population size. So find an offline need to fix #Audacity2Lead 
37. Let your online strategy impact an offline need, then share it online too. That triangle works. #Audacity2Lead 
      38. Find your project partners; other social media users whose ideology compliments yours. Collaborate with them. #Audacity2Lead
39. Join platforms, forums and groups where your target audience are on social media. Speak their language and win them. #Audacity2Lead
40. Customise and use twitter and facebook hashtags as your brand products and take them seriously. BBM channels rock too. #Audacity2Lead

41. Have a database of your social media fans, and always acknowledge them in some posts. Name dropping works. #Audacity2Lead

42. Be a role model, mentor and offer advices. Posting 'How Tos' work. People like to practice instructions. #Audacity2Lead

43. Ask questions. Let your followers feel involved. #Audacity2Lead

44. Interviews are great engagement tools. Let one of your contacts interview you, then see the buzz. #Audacity2Lead

Thanks for hanging out with us till now! You rock! Thanks to @iamDayoSamuel #Audacity2Lead

Read my blog at| Facebook - Jenny.chisom|Instagram - @iamjennychisom|BBPin: 2abae463 #Audacity2Lead