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Blogging for 10 years now, has been one of the turning points of my life. Leaving home at 27, learning blogging at 29 and starting a business was my 'escape' from mundane living.

God in his Mercy, sustained me through the journey of self and building resilience to follow my path in life... I have come of age. Looking back, I see things I wished someone taught me to make my blogging journey easy... From growing my blog, from baby steps to a phenomenal business empire and still working on it...

I know the pains. The travails.  The disappointments. The late nights.  The health challenges.  And the brokeness that comes from trying to figure out how to run a successful online business using a blog platform.

Top 4 Time Management Tips - Anichebe

Okay, here's the truth, we really can't manage time, we can only manage ourselves. Allow me to share four of my own top secrets for personal effectiveness.

1. Manage your smart-phone. Don't let your phone manage you. In a digitised world with our smart phones and tablets, its easy to get distracted with all the blinking red/green lights. Learn to switch off your data subscription when you need to focus on a particular task. That way you're not easily distracted by every ping and email. Read your emails and pings in batches, at a go.

2. Learn to simply say "No" to the urgent and "Yes" to the important. No to the endless weddings invites, television series, football matches etc. Just say "No" and focus on your high leverage activities that actually generate value and money.

3. Hustle while you wait. Use small pockets of dull time while waiting in traffic, queues, on the toilet seat to sort out the minor issues e.g. emails, broadcasts/Facebook/news/gossip/Linda Ikeji etc. Do those while waiting.

4. Write a To-do-list at the start of each day and then attach a Pleasure-Pain factor to these goals. If you achieve all the goals you listed in the morning reward yourself in the evening, personally I prefer a cup of iced yoghurt — what's your flavour?

On the other hand if you don't achieve all that you set out, then punish yourself by giving away money to someone you don't particularly like. How's that for motivation?

Time is our most valuable asset. We must learn to use it wisely.

— Ebuka J. Anichebe
Make Your Life a Blockbuster™
Business Coach | Motivational Speaker | Author


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