Be Prepared - Anichebe

When good times are here it seems it will last forever. When bad times are here, it seems it will remain this way forever. But one thing is certain, change is permanent.

There are changes in technology, policy, environment, politics and economies that can and will affect your business. So keep your eyes wide open for a bomb blast in Wuse II can affect your real estate investment in Asokoro.

A online university offering free online courses in the U.K can affect your admission intake into your University in Ogun State. A new cinema in town can affect your night club business.

So keep your eyes peeled wide-open for changes in your industry and then other industries that may seem unrelated; because everything is connected. Stay ahead of the competition by staying on your toes and constant never-ending improvement.

Plan for the best but expect the worst. Concentrate on the present and enjoy it thoroughly but also plan for the future with paranoia. Keep adapting to change.

The best ways to take a bare knuckle punch from Floyd Mayweather or to even survive a bomb blast are still the same: "Don't be there when it hits."

— Ebuka J. Anichebe
Make Your Life a Blockbuster™
Business Coach | Teacher | Author