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Capitalism and You - Anichebe

There are broadly 4 types of capital which men may trade with freely to achieve what they want.

1. Financial Capital: Real estate, money whether inherited, won in a lottery, stolen or earned.

2. Social Capital: Your connections. Who you know and the trust and relationship they have with you. Politicians use this as their call card.

3. Human Capital: What you know. Your degree, experience, knowledge and expertise. Engineers, doctors, lawyers use this to earn their living.

4. Erotic Capital: How handsome/beautiful you are. Your physical assets. Models, actors, sex workers, artistes and marketers in general trade with this asset to slant deals in their favour.

The art of doing business and politics lies in your ability to convert your social, human and erotic capital into financial capital in the short/long run. So decide which of these you have and set about getting what you want.

Don't be afraid to see what you see, think for yourself and make your own rules. Stay resolved to achieving your goals no matter how long it takes.

Have a great weekend!

— Ebuka J. Anichebe
Make Your Life a Blockbuster™
Business Coach | Teacher | Author