Celebrity Photographer Paul Ukonu's Bedroom Series: The Bond, features Munachi Abii

Hello Distinguished, I'd be bringing you the Bedroom Series from Nigerian celebrity photographer, Paul Ukonu.

Today, is Bedroom Series: The Bond Issue featuring Munachi Abii

Take your time and read, Paul advises. *Grinning*.

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Here it goes...

She drags herself out of bed each morning, leaving Him is always the hardest thing to do. The routine is the same. She does everything that is expected of her. "Hustle, be the best you can be, surpass every expectation". Each day She does her very best, and each day, she can't wait to get home, to receive that ecstatic welcome from her loving , extremely loyal friend. He listens to her every word, and when it's time to write or sketch, he takes his position, right next to her. Everything seems alright with the world at that very moment.

At bed time, he takes up his position by the foot of the bed every night. Like a body guard, he follows her everywhere .He would follow her to the end of the world if she asked him to. Nothing can break their bond. The bond between a girl and her faithful dog.

Photography by: Paul Ukonu
Makeup by: Munachi Abii
Story by: Daala Oruwari