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ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION: Challenge your environment and Grow your Business - JEB

Today you'll learn how to challenge your environment to make your business stand out.

I have always believed that 'only dead fish go with the flow' and that is exactly how I view businesses who "go with the flow". Most business owners allow themselves to be drawn into that mould and in no time their business becomes outdated.

'Going with the crowd is one sure way to kill your business. People tend to go that route because they observe and yield to their environment. For example, if you appear at work 1 hour later than your resumption time simply because of the environmental mindset that says 'there will be no body at the office at 8am anyways' you are governed by your environment.

If as a grocery store, your stock only goods that others stock because you think people will not buy something else other than what others are selling then you are governed by your environment. The thing is, what if people don't buy other products because it is not available?

I know a Man who walked nearly 12 km from his school, looking for a photocopy shop that opens at 8am and couldn't find. he decided to open one after school and like you guess, 7 years after in that same environment, there are several photocopy shops that open at 7am.

Challenge your environment by doing what others say can't be done because of the mindset there, you never know, you may just be pioneering a new adventure in the area. 

Don't let your environment hold your mind back from creativity. Don't become like every body else, they envy your uniqueness anyways. Challenge environmental thinking. 

Think differently. Go to work on time, people may not like you but that doesn't matter when you get promoted for efficiency. Be the difference, be diligent and see if you and your product/service would not be in demand.

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