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Mobile Technology in Favour of the Nigerian Society

By Sade Adebayo

Despite the great issues of race, poverty, and economic struggle, technology and innovation have become a much more integral part of the lives of people all over the world. Mobile devices, the Internet, and social media are becoming the main form of development, learning, and communication for many. Technology has also been a key player in the movement to close the wealth gap.

In this respect, technology can be seen as a "vehicle" for change. Technology opens people up to an amazing amount of information about the world. It also opens up access to education and vocational training in a much simpler and cost-effective way.

Nigeria, being a bit late to the game, is having to play catch-up in order to reach the level of advancement that most of its neighbouring countries have attained. She is undergoing a data boom that has not been seen before. The main driver behind this is global digitization and its need for greater data availability, a surplus of data and its high growth rate and a lack of capable facilities to accommodate them.

Based on GDP, Nigeria is Africa's largest economy and because of this, Nigeria is experiencing rapid growth in the technology sector. An increase in available data creates ability, even need, for everyone to be connected with it - more and more people should have a mobile device. Unfortunately they are not always easy to acquire, but thanks to online portals like, it is becoming increasingly easier to find, buy and sell mobile phones and electronics.

In addition to creating learning opportunities, this boom is also creating job opportunities for the underemployed youth generation in IT fields. Being a hub for new and rapid innovation, it is likely that Nigeria may soon emerge with one of the most advanced computing systems in the world.

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