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What's On Your Mind? - Anichebe

The human mind works like Google. You ask it a question, it works about getting an answer. The right questions can frame the type of response you get. The great philosopher Socrates taught his students- Aristotle & Plato the power of framing problems into questions when communicating.

When turn your complaints into questions, you're one step away from getting the answers that can guide the decisions you make.

For example, rather than lament, "There's no money in the country and its affecting my business" you can rephrase that statement into a question e.g. "How can we get more money for our business growth?"

When you state it as a question, and stay with it long enough it challenges your mind to come up with the right answers. And if you don't like the answers, simply change the questions like you would change a query on Google if you don't like the search results.

The better your questions, the clearer and more specific the answers become. I hope that now you surely appreciate the power of questions as a magic tool that the Creator built inside each and everyone of us to guide us.

Any questions?

— Ebuka J. Anichebe
Make Your Life a Blockbuster™
Business Coach | Teacher | Author


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