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Driving in lagos has always been stressful, at least that's what Jide thinks. The never ending traffic, traders displaying their wares close to the road, hawkers shoving their products on the windows of every car and bus, danfo drivers stopping at any given opportunity to pick up passenger and reckless driving by lagos drivers in general.

And yes, LASTMA officials. These guys are every driver's nightmare, Jide recalled someone saying that drivers are more afraid of Lastma officials than the so called yellow fever and even actual police officers. The fear of lastma official is the beginning of wisdom in lagos roads.
There are just too many people in lagos, too many people equals too many cars and that itself equals a lot of traffic which in turn makes driving very stressful. Jide thought, he also wondered why Titi has refused to relocate to Abuja with him. Abuja has good roads and never will you see a stand still in traffic and the place is also calm, so unlike the fast pace life in lagos.
Jide checked his wrist watch and he gave an expression that depict a man who just saw an angry mob after him.
"Gosh I can't believe this" he said to himself. He has been in traffic for almost two hours
"Abuja is not like this, Abuja can never be like this" he hissed
For Jide, being held up in traffic is far worse than being in the middle of a gun fight. Even driving a sports utility vehicle such as the white range rover he's in presently is absolutely a waste in lagos because the roads are almost always chocked up with cars that makes it difficult for one to test the speed of the car.

Its 6:25pm already, his flight landed at exactly 4:20pm and he left the airport 25minutes afterwards. The sound of his stomach shifted his attention and he realized that he's actually hungry. He didn't take anything on the plane, he only drank a bottle of soda before he left his office in Abuja and there's no way he can get to a restaurant now.
Looking around to see if he can get something to buy, maybe a light snack, he spotted a beautiful dark skinned lady in a red kia picanto on his right checking him out. She looked sure of herself and she didn't even try to hide the fact that she was staring. She had short black hair that matched her oval face and she had great cheek bones. At least that's what he thinks.
Jide flashed her a smile and she did same. On an ordinary day, he would've taken her up on her non verbal invitation but he just got to lagos, stuck in traffic (which he hates) and he's famished; so he just let it end there. He turned to the other side and at that moment a young boy hawking plantain chips knocked on the window and pressed one of the chips on the glass.
"Plantain ships, plantain ships, buy your plantain ships here" the boy said, as if he was singing
Well, there's traffic in lagos but you sure won't go hungry while you're in it, Jide laughed at the thought. He bought 2packs and was munching. Moments later her heard the horn from the kia picanto beside him, he turned and the lady in the car said something to him that he couldn't quite make out. He waved his right hand flip side in a way that says he couldn't hear her, before he could she got out of her car and walked to his. He rolled down the window glass.
"Good Evening Mister" she greeted
"Good Evening Miss". Jide replied
I couldn't help but notice you, has anyone ever told you that you're a handsome man?" She asked
Jide smiled. He has met some girls that ate bold and outspoken many times. Being the first son of Chief Earnest Akintunde, chairman of Akintunde Holdings, Harrison Olajide Akintunde he has been told he's handsome by several girls, maybe because he's the MD of his father's companies or because of his charm or charisma; either way, there's something about this lady that tells him she's not one of those girls.
Obviously he's a playboy and he suspects she knows it too.
"My girl friend tells me that" he replied with a smile
"Oh really, that's good. I'm just an admirer" she said, smiling too
Jide took a good look at her, he noticed her legs when she walked to his car, but know he's noticing her body, what a bod.
"Well thank you" he said
"Listen, the traffic will ease up soon. What do you say we go to a nice and quiet place to have a drink?"
Jide still assessing her, noticed the blue body hug top she wore with inscription PLAY HARD and a white short that's above her knee and she completed the ensemble with a blue belt. Hmmm, stylish he thought to himself. She could actually be fun. He made a face as if he's considering her offer.
"Alright, I'm game" he told her.
She smiled, and once again he noticed something, she's smiles too much, not that its a bad thing anyway.
"Great" she said. The honking of horns by the motorists startled her.
"Oops, seems like we better get going then. Told you it will ease up soon"
Jide laughed
"Yeah yeah yeah" he said
She told him to follow behind, she knows a cool place where they can go. As she was about to get into her car, she smiled again and said
"By the way, my name is Oreva"


Anonymous said…
Beautiful write up

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