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Titi likes working with the music on low, soft rock or blues. It makes her feel at ease and in control. The sketches she has been working on since morning are coming out perfectly, well almost perfectly.
Thanks to Michael Bolton, her all time favorite artiste, the
dude just gets her, and he's been playing on the CD recorder since
She wanted to try something new this time, her last collection was just
gowns. Sequins, sparkles and glitters, she stuck with gold and silver for the theme and she had no doubt that, that was what made her designs stand out from the works of other designers.
With this new collection, Titi thought to try something bold and daring. Shirts, feminine and romantic that will come in various styles, short and long sleeves, fitted and body hugging shirts with stand up collars, bishop necks and collar scarves. She chose to work with two colors for the theme, black and white.
She loves playing with fabrics, using her hands to match fabrics and colors together thus the sobriquet miss Touch and indeed Touch Couture. Touch Couture still has a journey ahead of her, yes she
has made her debut but now is the time to carve a niche and remain
relevant in the fashion industry.
Looking at her shop Titi couldn't help but part with a smile, she no longer worked from home but now occupies a flat which she converted into a store, showroom and office in the heart of Surulere. Her dream is to operate from a 2 story building owned by Touch Couture, but this will do for a start. Thanks to Oreva that made her first collection hit the runway. She owes that girl a lot, if Oreva hadn't spoken to the organizers of the show who she had worked with previously, Titi
wouldn't have gotten the chance to showcase her designs. That was two
months ago, now she has customers pouring in and placing orders for her
Titi had to employ the services of a sales rep that also doubles as a
front desk officer. Mary. Mary is in her early 20s and already a
graduate, 5.4 in height, chocolatey, a round face with 2 faint tribal
marks, slim and curvy and aspires to be a model. She doesn't eat much
because of her obsession in keeping and maintaining a perfect body.
Her dream is to be a super model, she's a likeable young lady but she
talks a lot
"Hey dearie" A startled Titi looked up to find Oreva smiling at her. She didn't
hear her come in.
"Hey, was just thinking about you. I didn't hear you....." She didn't
finish before Oreva cut in
"Oh yeah, Mary said you were in the office" she said while looking at
the sketches on the table.
"Told her not to bother informing you I'm around, I just let myself
in" she continued as she picked up some of the sketches on Titi's
"These are great" obviously impressed and surprised
"Thanks dear. I've been working on that for over 3 weeks now" Titi said
searching Oreva's face for something she doesn't even know.
"Are they good? Do you like them?" She asked
Oreva turned and gave her a 'dour' look.
"Are you kidding me, I love them" she was going through all the sketches now. She couldn't believe Titi had this much creativity. Yes the last collection was glamorous but this is absolutely crazy and
"Well I'm relieved" Titi said. That's what she was looking for, that
assiduous comment
"This is audacious Titi" Oreva shouted excitedly
"Yeah wanted to do something different, and as you've seen they're all gonna be in black and white" Titi explained
Oreva was stunned, she can't wait to try them on.
"Yeah that's cool too" she said
"By the way, why are you here I thought we agreed to meet over at your place tomorrow?" Titi asked, just realizing Oreva must have come for a different reason other than to admire her sketches.
With an ecstatic expression Oreva dropped the sketches and walked to
where Titi was sitting. She sat on the table. "Yes I know but this can't wait" she replied
Titi noticed a certain glow about her friend and if experience has
thought her something about Oreva, is that whenever the girl is like
this, it's definitely because of a guy
"I met a guy yesterday" she started
"This dude is cute, classy and charming"
Oreva has always been blithe both in character and attitude, so Titi
is just taking this in as a usual for her friend
"Okay I get it. So how long will this one last?" Titi asked
"No girl, I think this guy is the one. I really think I've found him.
I can feel it" she explained
Titi has heard this over and over again. She has never stayed in a
relationship for more than 5months.
"Alright tell me all about him"
As if asked to tell her favourite novel, Oreva narrated how she and
the mystery guy met and how they ended up spending the night together
"He actually likes me. I like him too. I think I might be falling in love Tee" she said.
Oreva spending the night with a guy she just met is not new. But Titi
is a bit troubled, Oreva fall in love, how?
"So what's the name of our Mr Right?" Titi teased
"He's a rich guy that's based in Abuja"
"What's his name na, na wa o" Titi asked again laughing.
"I also know a rich that's based in Abuja too" she said
"Haa, you don't know this one o, he's so handsome and......." The look
on Titi told her stopped her abruptly
"Alright alright, his name is Jide"
Titi couldn't believe it, what coincidence, or is it. It should be, there's no way her Jide could be the same person Oreva is talking
about. Besides Jide is not in lagos, hasn't been for a while.

"Huh! Please what's his full name? She asked, but the answer to her
question was not what she expected.


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