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"How could he do this to me, how? Titi wondered, she had been crying
since Oreva told her who her mystery lover was. She couldn't bring herself to accept that Jide could do this. Yes he has always been a little wild with the ladies but that had never really bothered her. Titi has
always believed that he would change, that she could change him.
Apparently that was not going to happen anytime soon, and this is the last straw.
"Haba na, look at me, I've been faithful to him" Titi said, sobbing.
"I knew he was messing around with some girls but to sleep with Oreva,
ha, I can't take this"
Chioma came as soon as she could, she wondered what could make her
best friend cry uncontrollably on the phone. Jide, this guy again, but Titi doesn't listen, she had told her to call it quits with the lying cheat ages ago but for reasons totally alien to her Titi had refused to heed her advice.
"Its ok dear, please stop crying. I've told you several times this guy doesn't deserve you" Chioma said.
She couldn't  stand to see
Titi like this, her apartment was unkempt and it looked like it hadn't
been cleaned in a while, tissue paper everywhere, clothes on the floor
and she perceived a strong stench from the kitchen. She went to check
and found the sink filled with dirty dishes and different flavors of
ice cream containers. Obviously they've been there for about a day or
two. She walked back to the living room and she was appalled by the
"Give me that" Chioma said, snatching a bucket of ice cream from Titi.
"You've had enough of it already" she returned it to the refrigerator.
"Look at this place, it's a mess" She said, removing the clothes from
the floor. She paused for a moment to look at Titi
"When was the last time you had a bath? You reek my friend"
Titi looked at Chioma with doleful eyes, she felt abased and humiliated.
"Oreva doesn't even like dark guys, but she claims she loves Jide, my
Jide" she said in between sobs
Chioma was irked by Titi's behavior Oreva is indeed an adventurous
and carefree lady but she has a good heart. Titi should be taking jabs
at Jide instead of casting aspersions on Oreva.
"Abeg abeg stop am. Oreva has nothing to do with this o" Chioma warned.
"For goodness sake she has never met Jide and besides, your man should know better than to sleep with any and every girl that crosses his path"
Titi wanted to say something but was cut short before she could speak.
"And what did you tell Oreva when you discovered her supposed Jide is
your man?" Chioma asked
Titi remembered how she almost fainted, the resentment she felt
towards her at that moment and the anger that welled in her (Titi).
"I just smiled and told her I don't know him" She replied
Chioma knew it must have taken all of Titi's will power to say those
words to Oreva. Sometimes Titi surprises her.
"Why didn't you tell her the truth na" Chioma asked.
Titi wiped her eyes with tissue and blew her nose in it. Her face was
"What do you want me to say, that the man she's head over heels in
love with is my boyfriend? C'mon" she said.
Chioma noticed Titi's cell vibrating on the couch, she's heard that
vibrating sound a couple of times before now but chose to ignore it.
"Aren't you going to answer that?" Chioma asked
"I don't wanna speak to anybody" Titi replied
Chioma had already dropped the clothes in the laundry basket.
"Ok I get it. Look, we're going out. You have to get out of this mood" She said
Titi didn't feel like going anywhere, she just wants to stay indoors
and brood. She's in no mood for any social outing at all.
"Chi I don't want to go anywhere jor" Titi said
Chioma shot her a stern look that meant she didn't care what Titi
wanted, they were going out and that's final.
"Young lady before I finish tidying up this place you should've taken
a bath and gotten yourself dolled up" Chioma said
Titi knew that Chioma would not give up until she succumbs, it has
always been like that right from when they we're little. "Ok, where are we going to? Titi asked, but before Chioma could answer
the question the door bell rang. They both looked at each other
"Are you expecting someone?" Chioma asked
"No I'm not. Maybe its Mary, she has developed the habit of dropping
by unannounced these days" Titi replied.
Titi had no doubt, it was Mary. She got off the couch and tied
the robe she wore properly as she walked to open the door. When she
did she was shocked to see who it was...


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