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Ever since that night Jide spent with Oreva something in him changed,
but he was yet to place a finger on it. She turned his world upside
down (in a good way). The girl was just so hot, he even
suggested that they keep seeing each other. He couldn't imagine not
seeing the beautiful and alluring young lady again. Of all the ladies
he had gone out with Oreva stood out, why? Could it be her sense of
adventure, her penchant fun and excitement or her zest for life? Well, whatever it was, he loved it.
On the other hand Titi was not like that, why couldn't  she be more like
Oreva? Well, she also has her qualities; but that's the least of his
worries now. Why had she refused to pick his calls, he had been
calling for two days and had planned to see her earlier but couldn't
because he had been spending time with Oreva. However, she'll have to
see him now.
"What are you doing here Jide?" Titi asked, impassively
Jide was taken aback at her question and more surprised at the look
she gave him
"Common Tee, is that a new way of welcoming your love? You've not seen me
in months and this is the reception I get for coming to see you?" Jide
Titi shot him a hostile look and that told him that something was
amiss. She was still standing in the doorway.
"What are you doing here?" She repeated
"At least allow me in first" Jide said
Titi contemplated for a second, left the door ajar
and walked back to the couch. Jide came in and closed the door behind
him and just then he saw Chioma coming out from the kitchen.
"I knew it" he thought to himself. The she-devil is here. He had never
gotten along with Chioma, the miss goodie two shoes,was always on his
case. He had a feeling that she was the cause of Titi's sudden and
strange disposition toward him (or at least part of it).
"Oh, I see Queen Cruella is here" Jide taunted
"What lies has she been feeding you with about me this time?" He asked
Chioma wiped her hands with a kitchen towel, she had been doing the
dishes and only came out to see who the auspicious guest wass and it turned
out to be Shrek the ugly.
Look here mister, I don't have to tell her anything. She already knows
you're a cheating bastard" Chioma shouted at Jide
"Tee, are you gonna sit there and allow this thing insult me?" Jide
asked, getting infuriated.
Chioma was about to say something but Titi stopped her. She pleaded
with her to give them sometime alone to talk.
"I don't like this one bit Titi, this guy is a sly devil o. Don't
allow him sweet talk you o. I have said my own" she said and stormed
out to continue what she was doing in the kitchen.
Jide gave Chioma a wry smile that suggested he had won this bout. He
sat on the couch and tried to hug Titi but she rebuffed him. That made him flinch, now he's really worried.
"What's wrong baby? I've missed you so much. I just got into Lagos and
the first thing I did was drive down here to see you. Besides, why
haven't you been picking my calls? He asked.
Titi stood up and started pacing back and forth, for about five
minutes, trying to gather her thoughts. Jide had been staring at her
all along; wondering what all the silent treatment is all about.
"Look baby, I don't understand what's happening here but I......."
Jide didn't finish
"Oh shut up Jide" Titi said in a calm tone
"I beg your pardon" Jide stood up, obviously surprised
"You heard me" She sounded in control
"You've been in Lagos for a couple of days now" She turned to face him.
"Baby I just told you I...." Jide couldn't find the right words. He
was surprised. How did she know? No one knew he'd been in town, none
of her friends knew that too
"Your eyes even betray you" She said with a sardonic smile
"Don't even bother to deny it. You've been around for days, you even
had time to have fun with a very beautiful girl on the day of your
arrival" She said
Jide slumped on the couch. "Who told her, was someone spying on him,
how come she knew so much, what's happening? These questions kept
running through his mind.
"Who told you all this?" Jide asked, feeling drained and spent
"You slept with my friend you lying cheat"
Jide couldn't believe what he just heard
How on earth could that be? Of all the girls in lagos he had to get
involved his girl friend's friend
"Yes, Oreva is my friend"
"Its not what you think, I can explain" Jide said. But he realized
that there's no way to explain what he did he opted for the only way
"I'm sorry, I'm really and truly sorry. It will never happen again, I
promise" Jide pleaded
Titi walked to the window side and stared out. Backing Jide
"I know it won't happen again" Titi said, still in control of her emotions
"No it won't it won't" Jide said fidgeting
"It won't happen again because I won't let it, I won't let you keep
humiliating me any longer" She turned to look at him again
"I've been coping with your infidelity for a long time but not
anymore. You don't care about my feelings, you were not even around in
one of the most important moments of my life"
Jide noticed her voice was rising in a steady tone
"But baby......." Jide said but was cut off
"Let me finish. Touch couture was unveiled officially but you were not
there to experience that moment with me. Tears rolled down her cheeks
"I want to thank you for the wonderful times we had. I believe this is
the end for us. Jide, this relationship is over. Please leave my
house" Titi said pointing toward the door
Jide wanted to say something but words eluded him. He realized that he
had been taking Titi for granted and he had hurt her deeply. He was
going to win back her love, he would have to work hard for that to
happen. Without saying a word, he left.
As soon as the door closed behind Jide, Titi broke down and cried. It
took all her will power not to do that in front of him.
Chioma came out to console her, she cheered her up and pleaded with
her to get ready so they could go out.
"Where are we even going sef" Titi asked
"Ok if you must know, a friend is having a birthday party that's where
we're going to" Chioma replied
45 minutes later they were out, but little did Titi know that the
events of that outing would change her life forever....


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