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Five Financial Rewards Possible With a Blog - Dayo Samuel

Here's your first blog lesson : 5 financial rewards possible with a blog

All bloggers deserve to make money, really. Well, just the hard working ones at least really do.

I mean, we put many hours into our blogs every week, a lot of MB exhausted, and not many of us actually earn a penny from it.

I understand blogging could be a hobby for most. And no, a hobby isn't always as profitable until it is made professional. 

So I'll start with the recommendation I always give my students:

To make money with your blog demands that you determine your level of blogging and constantly seek to improve

There are 5 basic levels that exist:

(( #1. Hobbyist Level )) - Here you just blog because you just want to have a presence and be in the trend. What you should focus on doing here is finding your unique voice.

At this level you should be making around N30,000 a month depending on the strategies you engage.

Who doesn't like an extra cash?

(( #2. Serious Hobbyist )) - Here you're focused on creating value for your audience. You define the kind of value people will get by following you and you do that by making it clear to them.

What you do here is not just to talk but to provide answers and measure responses. Here you should be making between N50-N75,000 per month

(( #3. Semi-professional )) - Here you build a 'tribe' otherwise known as active followers or a list where you get to send people personalised messages in their emails after subscribing to your blog.

Around here in Nigeria, people don't value building a mailing list, but I've come to that's where the money is.

(( This is your license to print money! ))

As you go into affiliate products for example, you can send people a product to buy. If you have 1000 people on your list and 280 people buy your recommendation for let's say N5000 each and you're on 25% commission, that's some money for you. Calculate that and tell me, how much it is. I'm waiting


(( #4. Professional )) - Here you create products that carry your name. Like books, ebooks, audios, videos, webinars, eCourses, even physical seminars.


The more you're active on your blog, the more professional you look, and the more money you attract.

At this level, you should be cashing in like N200,000 or so a month. Like I said previously, this will depend on the strategies you engage.

For me, my coaching and consulting services is one of them.

And lastly,

(( #5. Business Builder )) - The focus here is to solidify all that you have built over the years into one beast of a blog that auto-generates money.

That happens through affiliates, courses, membership sites, products, etc.

In my #UncrownedCEO leadership development model, I call this the consolidation phase.

Here money is not the issue anymore. You are abundantly supplied!

Sometimes, most times, this takes years to get to. But if you will duly apply the things I'll share with you in these next few days, it won't take you long.

You mean so much!

Dayo Samuel


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