"My Facebook Lover" Part 1- Jenny Chisom

He started by responding to a job advert I posted on behalf of another company on Facebook...he was asking me to help him get the job and help edit his CV.

I wondered.

He started appreciating my personality and said I was every man's dream and will want to see me live.

It has been 2 years since then and my city is just 50mins away from his by air. Hmmn
I kept wondering.

We started speaking on phone and he would accuse me of not calling him sometimes. As I was wondering what to tell this stranger if I ever decided to call, he calls again asking me to choose our wedding date. Playfully and introspectively, I chose a date then he quickly reminded me that our brideprice is the highest in the country and I shouldn't expect him to bear the whole costs, that my millions are for times like this. Even though I couldn't boast of a 100k to my name...I listened.

Wondering it may make sense. No action further.

Incidentally I was in his city recently for holiday and he came to visit me briefly to at least put a face to the personality on facebook. I chatted exuberantly as always, encouraging him to be more especially at work and showed him how to go about it and even offered to help.

He was calm, and appreciative.

He left and sent me an sms that read...."you inspired me". Once again I was happy, God could use me to inspire this tall, dark and handsome guy. (Ladies i'm so sure about this) lolz

Next day I got a call from him saying "i have been thinking, and want you to tell me if i can make you my wife" #Awkward I gave him the-ball-is-in-your-court kind of answer but mentioned that we needed to be friends first.

He continued "i am asking to get a Yes or No because you ladies that are big and accomplished find it difficult to appreciate men like us who are still finding their feet and not financially up to your standard... bla bla bla"

Now I stopped wondering and Snapped!

My anger is: Why will a man who is almost 40years of age, conclude on my personality ignorantly just by facebook posts?

Part 2 brewing. #DropsMic #HonestReactionsOnly