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Citadel And Towers to be Officially Opened in Abuja, Nigeria: Jenny Chisom with #eRefugeTeam Mates In a Chat with Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme

Hello dearie,
Even though I've been a bit under the weather and took time off to rest, I couldn't but bring you this 'Wednesday special' my team and I had. I will bring you pictures in another post. In the meantime, read the official transcript from the chat with Pastor GoodHeart Ekwueme- my pastor of 5 years and on.


It was a 50 minutes time out with the hugely anointed yet humble and good-looking Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme as he spoke his mind on the different aspects of the most important weekend yet at the House on the Rock, The Refuge. Very important because the church is about to embark on a 4-point packed event from September 5-7th to mark #TheDedicationWeekend aptly themed "GLORY IN THE HOUSE".
Members of the social media team of the church called the #eRefugeTeam scheduled-up a chat with him and streamed live via twitter, facebook, instagram and blogs which also afforded contribution from social media fans across the world and across platforms. Read the full interview transcript as written by @Jenny_Chisom.

#eRefugeTeam 1.
Why is this 15th Anniversary conference particularly unique for the church?
PGH: We see ourselves through three laps of five, which is a mark of triple grace. It marks for us the end of a season, shows a change of levels and a change of dimensions. It is a major milestone for us as a church in the city of Abuja.

#eRefugeTeam 2 via adeze-nzeka: who wrote "Citadel is a fine edifice standing tall to heaven but I pray all members live upright too as a church and make heaven at last". What do you have to say sir?
PGH: Yeah, we believe that as Christ taught us, we should clean the inside of the vessel so that the outside will be clean also. So to have been able to get here is an indication that the people who God used have their heart in God and the Kingdom and our desires is likewise hers which is that we fulfil our destinies in Christ.

#eRefugeTeam 3
Will Citadel and Towers be available for training youth for empowerment?
PGH: The Citadel and Towers goes beyond just housing the local assembly that was used to build it called House on the Rock. It is a community centre and there are multiple levels of activities that will go on there, one of which is training certainly. Training will include Schooling and education, skills acquisitions, trainings as far as leadership is concerned and empowerment in various spheres so it will be available as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

#eRefugeTeam 4
Are there plans for church members who do not have jobs to be mentored by entrepreneurs in church?
PGH: We are in the process of creating a formal platform for mentoring. We've done that before now, not systematically enough but we are in the process of developing a system for that that will formally mentor people. And that will be open to people who are well meaning and sincere beyond the four walls of the church.

#eRefugeTeam 5
What role do you see social media play in advancing the course of the kingdom mandate through the eRefuge team?
PGH: SocialMedia is where the world is, somebody said and I paraphrase; but story telling is the language of the soul and media is the language of today. Social media plays a great role in what media is today, that's where I believe the majority of the young boisterous energetic young men and women are, and so to be able to reach them, I think it's a veritable platform and we are not behind the times, we intend to employ it fully good and not for the negative aspects.

#eRefugeTeam 6
Was the position of the Citadel and Towers at the City Gate pre-planned?
PGH: It wasn't by us as far as we know as human beings but with hindsight today it was certainly planned by God. It is something I believe we walked into without possibly knowing the spiritual implications and as at the time we did acquire land here, it was with all intent and purposes very grudgingly because we felt it was out of town in some bush somewhere but today as we look back we see it was part of providence that God was working behind the scene.

#eRefugeTeam 7
Adakole is asking via @revraph: Usually #IYTC It's your time conference runs for 3 to 4 days, why is this one different?
PGH: Well, this one is very unique in the sense that it is very big being our dedication conference. We actually christened this #THEDEDICATIONWEEKEND which means the highpoint of all that will happen this weekend is the dedication of the citadel and towers, the conference is really taking the back stage/burner and we saw the need while we are dedicating the building to also have a time of impartation, revival as the case may be. So this weekend is our dedication with highpoint being the dedication so that's why it is abridged. So it won't take the shine off the dedication.

#eRefugeTeam 8
In Your words sir, who are those invited for the dedication and what should they expect?
PGH: We are inviting everybody! It is a moment we are exceedingly glad for what God has done in few years and we do want as many people who desire to share that moment of joy to be here. Just like it was in the case of the dedication of the temple of Solomon, we do believe it will be a time of impartation and release of blessings for as many as would gather. So there'd be something to take home, hopefully of an eternal import from the moment of celebration.


#eRefugeTeam 9
There are so many things happening in the country/ world now: Insecurity, ebola, abductions what does church have to offer the FCT/Nigeria?
PGH: We are a church that believe that we are a 'governmental church' and we believe that in many regards we are committed to supporting the various efforts of the government to bring about a better society and community. We do that first and foremost by prayers, we pray consistently for the nation/city, we also find various platforms to affect our communities such as what we call "the Kings banquet" where we look after the less privileged through 4 areas; feeding, clothing, medicals and the gospel. So we feel very committed to the good cause of the government.

#eRefugeTeam 10
What adequate plans have been made to carry people along in the forthcoming conference via Socialmedia?
PGH: You! (in laughter) The maverick eRefugeTeam are made up of professionals that are adept and are on top of their game.

#eRefugeTeam 11
Share with us sir, what God has taught you so far in this 15 years journey.
PGH: It is difficult to compress 15 years of lessons from God in these few moments.
Number 1- The principle of faith against all odds: it is one thing for God to show you a vision and it's another thing to know the roadmap there. Whatever God tells you he's going to do, will be tested and tried and there will be need for resilience.
Number 2 - To take a day at a time: he who gives a vision will bring about the provision to bring it all to plans.
Number 3- Enjoy the journey: wherever you find yourself, know that with God it will always be better.
Number 4 - Everything God tells you, more than that will require a team, a network, alliance and you need people of like minds to get there.
Number 5- Be content and never try to do something simply because somebody else is doing it. Enjoy running your track and your lane. The competition is not against anybody else but against being the best that God has called you to be. These are few nuggets I have learnt.

#eRefugeTeam 12
Greeting to Pastor Goodheart from @Jabezmg via Instagram read "I salute you sir! Great man of God that you are I love you sir! Greetings and blessings to you sir and family members in Jesus Christ name, Amen."
PGH. Good to hear from you Kelvin Itoandon, from afar…trust you will stay connected to us during the dedication weekend via the #Livestream"?

#eRefugeTeam 13
Citadel and Towers, Transformation Centre: what brought about the name sir?
PGH: I think it was clearly God-inspired. I didn't think though the process of how the name came, it just came but looking at the building really, it is a fusion of two buildings in one. There's one that is called The Citadel which is a worship facility that seats upward of 3, 000 people in full capacity , and the adjoining towers made up of 7 floors, 2 elevators, fusing those two things make up one building called the Citadel and Towers.

#eRefugeTeam 14
The Tehillah Company live in concert: What should we and participants expect?
PGH: Tehillah Company is the music ministry of House on the Rock the Refuge, and they have been in existence almost as old as the church. That were one of the ministries to be birth within few days the church was birth on 5th September, 1999. They have grown. They have been an integral aspect of the ministry and they've grown through the years and this will be the release of their 3rd musical album and the first among the three they've done with Live recording. So in many regards, it is the making of history and for us also it is the showcasing of good grace and anointed carriers as ministers.

#eRefugeTeam 14b
What should people expect?
PGH: The rebirth of tehillah! Why I say that is that in the past few years, they've not done too much in the area of presenting their own songs/ writing their songs and presenting their songs that are original/homegrown so this in a sense in the city is Tehillah reloaded and moreso coming at the back of the pivotal moment of our 15th year, we believe it also speaks for them as a music ministry a new beginning and a new phase for them as a ministry and we as a church.

#eRefugeTeam 15
What formed the decision of the invited artistes?
PGH: They are people that, in my opinion and estimation are tested and known by us as a ministry. They have all at one point or the other graced our platforms by the ministry and we at the turn of this, thought to have them back to, in a sense share with us in our joy on our 15 year and the dedication of the citadel and towers.

#eRefugeTeam 16
Who are the guest artistes and speakers?
PGH: In terms of guest artistes, we have Micah Stampley, Angela Christie, Frank Edwards, Kingsley Ikeh. The keynote speaker in all our events for this year will be the metropolitan Senior pastor of House on the Rock churches, in the person of Pastor Paul A Adefarasin. He will speak on Friday, Saturday and also on Sunday.

#eRefugeTeam 17
What happens during this Dedication weekend/15 year anniversary?
PGH: Friday, September 5 will be Revival night at 5pm. Saturday 10am will be inauguration of the Citadel and Towers, as centre for national transformation which means it will house all of our social responsibilities to the community- things that are beyond what we do on Sunday mornings, ecclesiastically. Sunday we will be dedicating the building properly at 8.30am and in the evening at 5pm will be Tehillah live in concert and that is also FREE. Sunday will be the climax of the entire weekend as we celebrate what God will do.
Special guest of honour is the President Goodluck Jonathan, and the Guest of honour is His Excellency, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, former Vice president of Nigeria. The DG of National Transformation Institute, Prof. Vincent Anigbogu will also be a Key speaker during the Building inauguration on Saturday Sept 6, 2014.

#eRefugeTeam 18
After this weekend, what's next?
PGH: It will be our joy for people not to ever miss our services every Sunday by 8am, CITH on Sundays/Tuesday evenings across the city by 6pm, Thursday Word Alive Services at 5.30pm, and our Saturday morning glory services at 7am.

#eRefugeTeam 19
Thank you Pastor, for your time.

To get more, follow us on @hotrrefuge, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on Google +. Watch our services live and this conference via and log on to to get more resources.


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