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It's been two months now and things had been going well for her and
Jide. At least that was what she thought. He visited and vice versa, they had dinners and occasionally spend the night together. But there was something different about him; he seemed distant most of the
time, then again, it had only been two months and she was still trying to
know the guy and she could be wrong.
Oreva sat on her couch, a glass of orange juice by one side and the
television remote on the other. Video fashion was on in Fashion TV and
she was watching intently.
She didn't realise she was tapping the remote control with her index finger, lost in thoughts. She's been doing that unconsciously these days and 89% of the time Jide occupied her mind.
Oreva has never really been into a guy, she dictates the pace and manner her past relationships were ran. But this Jide guy was different, he had taken over her heart and she allowed him to.
"I think I'm in love with you Jide" She said aloud to herself.
Oreva had been feeling under the weather for some days, she had to
cancel the photo shoot she had, she needed rest and she had also made
an appointment to see her doctor later today.
After turning of the television set, she slept of the couch for some hours. When she awoke she looked at the rectangular wall clock in the room, she quickly got up. Her appointment is for 3:00 pm and 2:10 pm already. Oreva rushed to the bathroom and 25 minutes later she was driving to the clinic.
"Good day doctor, sorry I'm late" Oreva greeted, she came in 20 minutes late because of traffic. She was shivering a bit, the weather was cold and to make matter worse, the AC in the car was on and she made no attempt to switch it off.
"No problem Oreva. You're welcome" The doctor replied. Doctor Ben has
been Oreva's personal physician for over 3 years, she was introduced
to him by Titi. She never ceased to amaze him. This wasn't the first time she'll be coming late for an appointment and he also knew it won't be the last time. He was used to it.
"So tell me how you're feeling" He asked Oreva took a seat and dropped her hand bag on the table, she relaxed herself on the chair and pleaded with the doctor to reduce the
temperature of the AC in the office.
"I'm cold" She said; she wore a white satin gown. and a black Jacket.
"For some days now I've been feeling drowsy and  my taste buds no longer agree with me" She started, she folded her arms and sat upright
"I even feel tired most times but I don't run temperature o, its even
affecting my work" She told him
Doctor Ben told her to lie down on the examining bed, he carried out
some basic tests on her (that's what he tells her when she comes for regular check ups) and after about 9 minutes with the usual questions
and nods and his nuances that Oreva had gotten used to. He told her to
have a seat.
Oreva could not understand why he was smiling, with the questions he
asked her she deduced that her illness wouldn't be more than malaria. He'll just prescribe some drugs for her. Although there were some odd questions he asked this time. At least if its not malaria, it'll probably be something that will be taken care of in no time. Doctor Ben is the best she knows.
After some minutes of intense discussion and emotions pouring out,
Oreva left Doctor Ben's office. As she stepped out of the office she bumped into Chioma.
Chioma was with a man, a handsome one Oreva noticed. They were holding hands and chatting cheerfully and it didn't take long for Oreva to realise that they were much more than friends. My God, Oreva. How are you, what are you doing here, are you alright?" Chioma asked, she could see that Oreva was unsettled and she wanted to know what brought her to the clinic.
"Hi Chioma. Good evening sir" Oreva replied
"Oh, please forgive me" Chioma said, the look on Oreva's face made her
forget to introduce Chike.
"Oreva, meet Chike, Chike, meet Oreva" She explained that Chike is her fiance and introduced Oreva as her very good friend.
They shook hands and Oreva looked at Chioma in a doleful manner, then
Chioma realised that something was definitely wrong. She took permission from Chike to speak to Oreva for a while. Chike decided to
wait in the car.
Chioma took Oreva to the waiting area. They sat very far from people
so they could discuss without distractions. The content of that talk
was not what chioma expected.
"This definitely changes everything" Chioma thought to herself.


Kofoworola said…
I'm loving this novel....yaayyyy!

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