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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 7

She had been on cloud nine for some weeks now, it all seemed like a fairytale and she the princess that had been saved. Sitting in her office Titi couldn't figure out why all this was happening, why she was behaving like a teenager? She couldn't shake off this feeling and it had been awhile she felt this way.
Laying back on her chair, she closed her eyes and the events of that night filled her thoughts.
"Thank God Chioma coerced me into attending the party" she thought.
When they arrived, she was not looking gloomy as a result of what had happened earlier so she was in a socialising mood. When they entered the building Titi was amazed to see so many people, she had not known it was a big event. The creme de la creme from the entertainment industry were represented from different spheres of the industry, even models and designers where also present. It was a red carpet event and everybody was looking glamorous.
Titi felt a bit underdressed because she had not envisaged the calibre
of personalities that would grace the event.
"Chioma you no try o" she said
Chioma was startled, she wondered why Titi would say such.
"What did I do?"
They were already in the hall, chioma had to show two very hefty and mean looking guys their IVs before they gained access in.
"You didn't tell me this was big party na, I'd have wore something better" she replied.
Chioma stopped and took a moment to assess her friend, Titi was wearing one of the most wonderful dress in fashion, the LBD, the little black dress. You can never go wrong with the LBD, and her choice of jewellery was impeccable. Silver leaf ear rings covered with shiny studs, silver necklace with a tiny T shaped pendant and a silver gucci wristwatch.
"You look exquisite Titi, I just noticed it sef" she said smiling Its not true jor" Titi said looking to her left and right, trying to check herself out.
"Trust me girl, you're good" Chioma cheered
As they made their way through the mammoth crowd of showbiz they saw Chike, he was sitting with a man and a lady at a round table for 6. He
spotted them. And almost immediately he stood, waved and directed them to sit down.
"Wow, this is a star studded party Chike" Titi said she hugged him and
sat down. She noticed that the table was actually reserved, she wanted
to comment on the decor of the auditorium but was stopped mid sentence by a voice.
"Good evening folks" Titi knew she had heard that voice so many times.
She turned round and nearly fell when she discovered who it was.
"Hey Charlse". Chike stood up, hugged him and motioned Charlse to sit.
Charlse Johnson, the international Actor who had over 50 movies to his
name. Titi was star struck, Chioma had to pinch her to bring her back
to the present.
"Charlse this my woman Chioma and her best friend Titi Adelaja" Chike
introduced them and Charlse shook hands with them.
"Charlse is a friend and a client" Chike said
Charlse laughed, stood up and said
"This man here is a legend, he's the best PR executive any one could
ask for. He has resented almost 67% of all the stars in this country
and he's saved our hides on countless occasions" Charlse clapped, Titi and Chioma joined.
"Wow, Chike I never knew you had starts as clients o" Titi said smiling
"That's my baby, very humble" Chioma said excitedly and they all laughed.
The program kicked off some minutes later and it was a spectacular show.
"The celebrant, is he Chike's client too?" Titi leaned forward to ask
Chioma in a hush tone. She had seen the celebrant and she'd wondered
why people in the entertainment industry regard him in high esteem.
Her question was answered by the MC. He's an international photographer with years of experience and he has worked on many fashion shows globally and a great name in the industry both locally and internationally.
"He's not just a friend and/or client, he's Chike's cousin" Chioma replied.
"That's nice" Titi said, she noticed him when he was called out to cut
the cake and also to dance.
"He looks good" she thought to herself.
Titi really let herself go, she danced with Chike and Charlse.
She was concious of the fact that there were stars at the party that's why she only stuck with Charlse and Chike.
Chioma didn't dance and that was quite unusual, she liked dancing and
again with Chike here, Chioma would've danced with him all night.
Titi did not understand why she refused to dance that pricked her curious nature. she knows something is not right.
"What's wrong Chi?" Titi asked as she sat close to her. She had been dancing with Charlse who is now with Ufoma Onoriode, a Nollywood
actress. Chike was speaking with some friends so its just the two of
them alone.
I'm fine dear, just tired" Titi looked at her very well, Chiom really does look tired.
"Don't you lie to me woman. You came to my place, cleaned my room and dragged me here. I'm enjoying myself for the first time in some days and its all thanks to you. Now tell me what the problem is before I get it out of you myself" Titi said with a dour expression.
Chioma realised Titi meant every word she said. She had been battling with this for awhile now, she just needs to talk to someone.
She didn't tell Titi because she had her own issues. She can't keep this to herself anymore.
"Titi I don't know how it happened, I tried not to let it, I really tried" Chioma said looking despondent.
"What happened and why did you try to stop it from happening" Could
she have contracted a disease, rape, murder etc Titi's thoughts were
racing in different directions.
"Believe me, I know how he feels about it. That's why I tried not to
let it happen, I don't know why God decided to punish me like this.
Why?" Chioma started sobbing
Titi was scared now.
She drew closer to Chioma, she wiped her friends eyes with her hands.
"Please dear, please tell me what happened. I'm here for you" Titi
encouraged Chioma.
Chioma looked at Titi and the tears rolled down her cheeks again.
"Chike doesn't like children or he doesn't want to have kids" she started.
"How do you know this?" Titi asked
"He said so"
Titi didn't say anything, she was patting Chioma, encouraging her to go on.
"Any way, two weeks ago I realised I missed my period. So I went to
see Doctor Ben and he confirmed it" Chioma said
Titi sat up right. Is it what she thinks it is?
"Confirmed what?" Titi asked
"I'm pregnant" Chioma replied
"What did you just say? Startled.
They both turned around to find
Chike standing behind them.


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