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Chike, you gave us quite a scare" Titi said as she stood up
Chike didn't bother to reply, he was staring at Chioma with eyes so wide open that Chioma felt he could see her soul.
"What did I just hear you say?" He asked again
Titi wanted to say something but was stopped by Chioma. She just stood
there feeling helpless for her friend. With the way Chike is reacting now she's certain he'll flip once Chioma tells him what she said earlier.
"I didn't say anything dear" Chioma lied, obviously afraid that Chike will be angry when he finds out the truth.
Chike grabbed a chair and sat down very close to Chioma, still looking
at her, but in a tender way this time.
"Don't lie to me my love, I heard you say something. I just want to confirm if it's actually what I heard" He told her.
Chioma looked straight in his eyes and she felt a warmth in them
"I said.. I'm.. Pre... Pregnant" She said as tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn't know what to expect but she just had to tell him the truth. He needed to know. She was so shocked when he grabbed her and he hugged her so hard she almost couldn't breathe.
Titi was stunned, tears welled in her eyes and she didn't bother to wipe them off. This is indeed a wonderful sight.
"I'm so happy my love. So I'm gonna be a father, thank you baby, thank
you" Chike said as he kissed Chioma passionately.
Chioma was confused, she would've sworn that Chike would be mad at her for getting pregnant. She pulled away from his embrace and stared at
him, he seemed inscrutable.
"Wait a minute, I thought you don't want kids?" She asked
Chike gave a hearty laugh "Why would you think that?" He replied.
Chioma wiped her tears with the back of her palms. She seemed composed now
"You did. The other day I heard you talking with a friend and you told
him you're not ready for children" Chioma told him
Chike's laugh grew louder, he laughed so hard that it he attracted the attention of some people at the party.
"Look my love, I only said that but I don't mean What I actually meant was that I want to enjoy my marriage for at least a year before the kids start coming. I love you and I'll love you to be the mother of my children. There's nothing we can do now, we just have to push the wedding closer." Chike explained.
He stood up and ran to the stage, he whispered something to the MC and the guy gave him the microphone. He announced with much enthusiasm that he's going to be a father and the whole place shook with applause.
When he got back to the table, almost everybody came to congratulate them.
Chioma was beaming, she started crying again, only this time they were tears of joy. Everything was fine and there's nothing to worry about.
She has a successful man she's engaged to and they're having a baby
together, what more can she ask for? She thought.
Titi hugged Chioma and they both sat there crying. Finally they broke the embrace.
"Congrats sweetie, I knew it there was nothing to fret about. Now you'll be getting married sooner than usual" Titi said.
Chioma smiled and hugged Titi again. She felt guilty, she's supposed to help Titi get over that Jide of a guy but that was not the case.
"Thanks dear. I'm sorry I ruined your evening. I know I'm supposed to be strong for you now" She pleaded
Titi gave Chioma a surprised stare
"Are you kidding me, I've not had this much fun in a long time. I should be thanking you. You know you're my sister na" Titi said.
Chike broke the conversation, he took Chioma away to meet with some friend and pleaded with Titi not to get angry.
Titi sat there looking around and sipping on her drink, she wondered
when she'll find love again, when will she feel this happiness that exists between her friends? She looked at both of them, they were so perfect for each other.
She turned to her left to find a very attractive guy standing with his hand out for a handshake. She observed every detail of his outfit and concluded that indeed he has the gift of the garb.
She took his hand, he took it as a sign of invitation and sat down. She took a good look at him again and she instantly recognized him, he was Chike's cousin, the celebrant.


Kofoworola said…
yaayyy...I'm so happy for chioma.

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