How To Stay Afloat in Tough Times: Innovation 102

Businesses and self-employed professionals suffer in a competitive market when they put themselves in a box and insist on still earning money the conventional way.

I teach folks that there are over 10 new ways you can derive revenue from your current business, but that's if only you knew how.

For example, an up-coming music artiste can make money in any number of ways by:

1. Giving music lessons in schools
2. Performing at church services.
3. Playing background music for Nollywood films.
4. Releasing albums under multiple monikers
5. Selling songs to other artists
6. Managing other musicians like Banky W.
7. Earning online streaming royalties.
8. Building digital products and subscription programs,
9. Writing commissioned pieces,
10. Selling band merchandise e.g t-shirts
11. Selling songs to music libraries,
12. Creating ringtones
13. Earning collaboration royalties
14. Licensing songs for T.V commercials
15. Writing catchy radio jingles.

You should do the same with your own business. Because every activity can be reframed as a new product/service.

Need help to stay afloat even in tough times? Ask me.

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
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