Safety Tips To Follow When Riding a Taxi

A taxi can be a very convenient way of getting from one location to another and it can also be very convenient as it takes away the stress of having to look for the perfect parking spot or worry about who the designated driver will be after a long day or night. However, taxis can also leave you with a very bitter taste in your mouth when you make the wrong taxi choice. Easy Taxi advises on a few tips to follow when looking to get a great taxi experience

1.       Know Your Destination

Before you start your rides for the day, ensure you have a clear idea of where you are heading to and if you are new in the city, take note of landmarks around the areas you will be visiting. Knowing your destination will not only be beneficial to you, it will also help your driver efficiently and effectively get you to your destination in good time. Most drivers however, are very good with locations and know how to maneuver the city by using alternative routes especially if you are trying to avoid the traffic ridden routes. However, if you are not comfortable with the alternative routes, be sure to express your concerns to your driver and request that he sticks to the route of your choice.

2.       Take Note of Your Taxi's Credentials

Always ensure you are equipped with the details of the driver who will be taking you to your choice location and also save the plate number of the vehicle, write it on a piece of paper or save the data in your cellphone. Information like these are very helpful in many cases where valuable belongings are left in the taxi, the vehicle and the driver can easily be located through these details.

3.       Check the doors

As easy as this seems to remember, this is one precautionary measure that can be easily overlooked. Do not forget to check and ensure the doors to the taxis are locked once you are seated in the vehicle, to avoid possible outside interferences or danger.


4.       Be Alert

Be alert for reckless driving i.e speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and any other mannerisms that could make you uncomfortable and ensure to speak up if you feel you are at risk. Your taxi ride should be a nice experience and not a  scary ride.


5.       Use A Taxi From A Reputable Firm

Flagging down a taxi is not recommended, use taxis from reputable firms e.g. Easy Taxi, a taxi request service which is available to smartphone users and allows you hail a cab from the comfort of your location. This saves you the time and energy involved with hailing a cab from the road side and also reduces the risk of you using an unlicensed vehicle.

About Easy Taxi
Easy Taxi is an on-demand taxi service that operates through the use of a free mobile app to connect independent drivers registered to the Easy Taxi network with passengers in a smooth, easy and safe way. Easy Taxi began operations in Nigeria in July 2013.