Sex for men? More for Women... #howG

Today's Topic during our "Hanging Out with the Guys" session was hot, banter and clearly revealing.

It says:
Man is a polygamous animal, they say. Sex is my number one need after money. You don't expect me to have sex with just my wife when there are 'many fishes in the water'. I agree it is said to be wrong but mehn, let's forget that matter! I can have sex with anyone I choose as long as I 'respect' my partner/wife. Does this lifestyle/philosophy really affect the woman?

Summary of Discussion and my Counsel:

So we've agreed that:
1. The unfaithfulness of a husband sure affects the wife.

2. Women sense instinctively when a man is flirting or cheating even if she doesn't confront it

3. Fact is: A woman can revenge by also cheating but the society is unfair on the woman and even the unfaithful husband cannot forgive a cheating wife.

4. A man who understands his God-assignment and position will never let any other women see his nakedness (except his doctor, maybe). Lolz

5. Men's promiscuity which they think is endorsed by the society is at the root of why they struggle through life, and even die untimely most times.

It's sad that: Some women only find out about their husband's other woman and even children most times after their death. Awful! And they think they won't suffer in hell for eternity? Even if they don't believe in eternity, they will find out that it exists anyways!

Note: A woman who decides to cheat more often have the better opportunity to keep it a secret forever and she can date several men at once with such dexterity. The fact that women hold on to their vows more than men is only a matter of principle not seeming 'unsmartness' or 'fear'.

A wounded woman is deadlier than a viper!

Heads Up guys, if you want favour and a life worth living, drop that sh*t mindset and stand out!

...That's why we hangout here. Isn't it?

Ciao! Thanks. #howG


Joshdgreat said…
if u love and respect your wife nofin in another will entice you..
Joshdgreat said…
any man who loves and respects his wife, will never want to have an affair outside his matrimony