What Guys Insist to know Before Proposing to The Lady #howG

It was the third session of "Hanging Out With the Guys" #howG and boy! Was that educating?

It was and pure amazing delight!!!

The topic was: Guys, what are the priority and never -do- withouts you must find out before proposing to your lady of interest. #howG.

This topic showed that health is important, that more than just checking blood and STDs should be done before marriage. Family history and inclination was highlighted too amongst vision-match and honesty et al

I rounded off the session with these thoughts:

1. A man should never consider a girl's rich background as an impediment to cut a relationship with her if he knows she's got what he wants.

2. A gold-digging man is also worse off than an infidel. A real man should never want to feed-off a woman. If she earns more, she can surrender all that, if you lead and act 'independent' of her own resources.

3. A man with low self-esteem before a woman makes the world dim.

4. Heads up, guys, what you should look out for before you propose are attributes that make you 'whole'. Especially, a 'smart' intelligent woman will take you far amongst other things that are very important. She will 'multiply' you.

5. Never pick a 'dull' girl so that you look smarter and 'in charge'. Get some guts and match your vision with a woman that can 'run' with it.

Endnote: Treat a woman like a 'person' and be in charge to earn respect. A man that doesn't command respect, leaves a woman defenceless and turn a real woman off.

Watch out for a materialistic woman, she wouldn't take you far. If she lies, then you are in for a showdown! Watch that!

Guys, before you ever expect to get a Good woman, first make sure you are a Great man!

Guys, read! Discuss! Don't act like you know all about life. You can live longer for it! #DropsMic

What do you think?

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