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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 10

Oreva and Chioma left the hospital together. Chioma had to drive
Oreva's car because Oreva was in no condition to drive, especially after all what Chioma told her and coupled with the news Dr Ben gave her.
How could she miss it, no wonder he's been so distant and distracted
mostly. This is bad, this is really bad, but she didn't know, how could she have guessed, she had even asked him and he denied. This is not
happening to her, no wonder she has been avoiding her for awhile now,
though they talk sometimes on the phone but there's this certain disconnect when they speak and it's so glaring. Her present state
complicates things the more. well that's why she's here, to set things
straight and make sure everything goes back to normal, she hopes.

"Hey guys, didn't hear you come in" Titi said, she knew Mary allowed them in. What was Oreva doing here, they've not seen for some weeks now
and it was deliberate, on her part at least. She was trying to avoid
stirring up emotions.

"Seems you were enjoying the nap, you were even smiling sef. Wetin you
dey dream about? Chioma teased as she sat down. Oreva was seated already, staring into space and looking absent.

"Hahahaha, I wasn't sleeping jor, just reminiscing about some stuffs
jare. What's happening na?" Titi said. She notice Oreva was disconcerted
"Its all good my dear. I went to the hospital with chike to run some
tests and I bumped into Oreva. I told Chike to leave that I'll be coming over to see you. He sends his love" Chioma said.

"Oh that's good. Hope my baby is ok o?" Titi asked. Oreva still hasn't said anything, her mind preoccupied.

"Oh he's doing good, it's gonna be a he, you'll see" chioma said and
the two laughed.
Titi wondered why Oreva went to the hospital, hope she's ok o, or whatever took her there should not be fatal. She's looking like a cold
fish. No matter what has happened she still loves her crazy friend so

"What's wrong Oreva, why were you at the hospital?" Titi asked staring
at Oreva who was folded her arms and was looking crestfallen.
"Ermmm, I told her about the news and my wedding coming up soon. You guys have to be there for me all the way" chioma said. She knew the
situation of things and she was trying to make light conversations to
douse any tension that might arise.

"You know we're always here for you na. We got your back dear" Titi
said. She stood from her chair and sat at the edge of the table in front of Oreva. Titi took Oreva's hand in hers and touched Oreva's forehead with the back of her palm to check if she's burning up.

"Your temperature is normal dear. So what's the matter? Why were you
at the hospital?" Titi asked again.
"Ehen, you guys will go to the market with me when baby is born o" Chioma said. Still trying to create a calm atmosphere. She knows these
two have not been best of buds for some weeks now and she wants to
build bridges between the two.

Titi noticed that Chioma was trying to stall or totally avoid saying what the problem is. And Oreva is also mute and that worried her.

"Chioma, what's wrong with Oreva?" Titi asked again, ignoring what Chioma said earlier.

"Alright Tee, the why we actually came is because Oreva...."
"No!!! Allow me please Chioma" Oreva cut in
"Why didn't you tell me Jide was your man?" Oreva asked Titi. Looking straight in her eyes

Titi was taken aback by the question, she didn't expect it. This is what she had been avoiding, this talk.
"You told her?" Titi asked Chioma. An angry look on her face.
"She had to know, it's been over 8 weeks now. You two hardly speak and it's all because of that idiot, common, you girls are stronger that
this na. No guy should come in-between you girls" Chioma said in a
soft voice.

Titi stood up again and went back to her seat. She knew Chioma was right, actually she had been thinking about the whole thing and she realised that she has been unfair to Oreva.

"Titi it's not fair, so this is the reason you've been avoiding me. I asked him, he said he's single, honestly, I told you too na. If I'd known he was involved I'd had taken a walk long ago and to find out he was going out with you, I'd never have given it a second thought. I can't do that to you knowingly. You know that" Oreva started crying, she was shaking and coughing. She tried to stand buy her legs failed her, she brought out tissue paper from her bag and wiped her nose with it.

"Please Tee, I'm so so sorry, I swear I didn't know. I'm in love with him already, I know how you must've felt that day I was running my mouth about him, oh no" As if remembering that episode, she burst into another round of tears.
Titi felt so bad seeing Oreva like that, she realised she's been totally and unnecessarily cruel towards her friend. Oreva wouldn't hurt her intentionally, she was mad at Jide for cheating with her friend and she considered it a betrayal on Oreva's part, but Oreva never betrayed her at all. Titi felt terrible with herself, she didn't notice when she started crying too. She got up and took Oreva in her
arms in a warm embrace.

"I'm so sorry dear, I'm the one that needs your forgiveness for the way I've been acting. It was uncalled for.
You deserve to be happy and if Jide makes you happy then I'm fine with it" Titi said as she hugged Oreva tight.
Oreva pulled away, still crying and said "The reason I went to the hospital is because...."
"Oh my God, don't tell me you have a terminal illness" Titi screamed.
Oreva shook her head vehemently
"No no no. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant for Jide" Oreva shouted. With emotions high up, Chioma couldn't believe what Titi did next.


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