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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 11

Titi pulled away from Oreva completely, she almost tripped but Oreva caught her before she hit the floor. Titi slumped on the chair, looking absent and preoccupied. So many things running through her mind at once, why is this all happening? Jide will be a father, she
wanted to hate Oreva and Jide but she couldn't find the will to that.

What has happened has happened and she can't stop it. Besides Oreva
loves Jide and she deserves to be happy, this baby will be loved.
She's going to put all this behind her, she's also going to make sure Jide acknowledges the child and take responsibilities. This child should bring Oreva and her even closer than ever; she'll shower the child with love and care.

Chioma has been silent since, watching Titi's every move. Oreva was still standing, sobbing and looking from Titi to Chioma, she
desperately needed someone to break the deafening silence. Indeed
silence can be loud, the silence in the office is making her agitated.
They both wonder what could be going through Titi's mind, Oreva feels
she has betrayed Titi and Chioma believes they all can get through
this. Chioma noticed Oreva was shivering so she switched off the AC
with the remote and told Oreva to sit, but Oreva declined and insisted
that Titi must say something before she'll sit.
Titi stood and started pacing back and forth, her expression, unreadable. Mary knocked and came in with a sketch pad.
"Sorry ma, I just want to return this, I saw it on my desk and I was wondering how it got there" she said as she dropped the sketch pad on Titi's table.
Titi was confused, she knew that sketch pad was on her desk when she came in this morning, so how did Mary get them? Any way she'll handle that later. Mary left and closed the door behind her. Titi stop
pacing and looked straight at Oreva
That's good news my dear, good news. Come, come" Titi said, stretching her arms to envelope Oreva in an emotional hug
"Oh Tee" Oreva wrapped her arms around Titi. Chioma joined made it a
group hug. As they held on to each other amidst tears, Chioma thought
to herself; what a pure and forgiving heart has Titi, she's a true
Sitting in his office lost in thought and completely clueless on what to do. He still loves Titi, or at least he thinks he is, but he also adores Oreva; there's this spark that excites him whenever he looks in her eyes.
Its been some weeks since he left Lagos for Abuja, he has made it a duty to visit Lagos at least twice a month just so he can spend time
with Oreva. Even at that he always feels distant and absent whenever
they're together. Is it guilt, or is it grief at the fact that he has lost Titi? He can't tell, he mostly agonized over the whole matter and not even Oreva can lighten his mood once he starts feeling that way.
He nearly jumped from his seat at the sound of his cell phone. Who could be calling me now, he thought. He picked the phone and saw the
caller ID, he smiled and pressed the answer key.
"Hey my love, how are you doing?" He said.
"Why didn't you tell me Titi was your fiancée?" Oreva screamed on the
other end of the line.
Jide couldn't believe what he just heard. How on earth did she find
out? He was gonna tell her but he just hadn't had the opportunity.
There was never right time to say it.
"Who told you that dear?" Jide asked in a soft tone.
"You shouldn't be asking me that Jide, how on earth did you think you
could hide this from me?" She said still screaming.
"I was.. go... go..gonna tell you b...b...but I've just not had the right time. I.. I.. baby" Jide stammered
He stood, loosened his tie and walked to the window. His mouth was dry
and he knows he's in hot water.
"You're lying Jide, how could you do this, I asked you, I asked you but you said I'm the only woman in your life.."
"Baby I'm sorry. forgive me" Jide pleaded.
"I want to see you in lagos tomorrow" Oreva said.
"But baby I have an important meeting tomorrow, let's make it the day after" Jide pleaded again.
"Are you for real, you messed up Jide, come fix it. I want to see you in lagos tomorrow" Oreva ordered
"Oh, and by the way"
"What's the problem?" He asked
"I'm pregnant"