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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 12

Sitting on the plane, disturbed, he didn't have any sleep last night.
Oreva's last words on the phone reverberated in his thoughts. How on
earth did she get pregnant? They've always used protection so as to avoid things like this. "I pray Titi hasn't heard, I just pray " He thought. It will ruin any chance he has left to win her back.
But having a baby wouldn't be such a bad thing, he had always wanted one but not this way. He's a very traditional person when it comes to
issues of this nature, yes his lifestyle does not depict that but he really would want to do things the right way. Besides his dad would have his head, no one in his family has ever had a child outside wedlock. "I have to do something"
He left the airport a few minutes after landing. Took a cab and headed
to surulere, straight to Oreva's place. He had to reschedule the meeting he had, but that would cost him. One doesn't just reschedule a meeting with the honourable minister of agriculture. Thank goodness the man is a personal friend to his dad. He'll just get him an envelope just to pacify him. They want to venture into agriculture, production of rice and other farm produce on a large scale. The minister would help secure some fertilizers and tractors at a subsidised rate.
The cab pulled up at Oreva's gate, the house is a two storey building consisting of 6 units of 3bedroom flats and 3 units of a room and parlour self contained. Painted light green and grey, one of the modern
houses in the area. Oreva occupies a flat on the second floor.
Jide paid the cab driver and made his way into the building, he exchanged
pleasantries with the gatekeeper offered him some money which he
excited accepted and rained praises on Jide. That's the usual for the both of them, the gatekeeper is always happy whenever Jide visits because of the cash he receives.
He rang the bell and at that instant he played out how he's going to handle the whole situation. She opens the door and he greets with a
warm smile, they both sit and he tries hard to stay focused on the issue. She'll explain everything and they'll come up with a solution that benefits all, a solution that he already knows.
Then there is the other issue, who on earth told her about Titi? He knows he's in a pickle and it's not going to be easy getting out. How did he manage to fall for the Titi's friend? Did he just say fall, no it can't be. He just likes her a lot and nothing; he loves Titi and nothing can change that, so he thinks. But he has a special feeling
for Oreva and he has been trying to figure it out for some months now,
to know why he can't stay away; even now that she claims she's pregnant. No other woman can make him leave an important meeting on
such short notice, not even Titi. Does this mean that he's.......
Just then, the door swung open and he was forced out of his thoughts and brought back to reality. What he saw shocked him to his marrow, a tall chocolatey complexioned dude, 5'8 and heavily built. Broad chested with
muscles that can be compared to that of Sylvester Stallion. His hair plaited all back to reveal an oval face masked with rugged features.
He's cute but not handsome, at least judging from Jide's perception.
He wore nothing except for a blue towel that covered him from his waist down.
"Good afternoon, how can I help you?" The guy asked smiling