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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 9

"Thanks for coming to my little party, even though I don't know you.
Your presence lights up the entire hall"
Titi laughed, is this guy flirting with her? She asked herself.
"By the way my name is Jeremiah Obi" He said
"I know who you are Mr Obi, who doesn't know the famous photographer?"
She said. Why is she feeling this way? His presence affects her in a
strange way
"Please call me Jerry" he took her hand again and kissed it.
Titi felt a cold shiver run up her spine and she nearly jumped from her seat.
"Oh ok Jerry. I'm here with Chike and Chioma, they invited me, and this is no small party please. This is a gathering of stars" she said as she freed her hand from his.
Jerry laughed and revealed a set of white teeth that Titi noticed. Not
only is he a good dresser but he has a good dentition and his scent just
intoxicates her. "Wow, what a guy" she thought.
"Yeah I noticed. I'm sorry to say this and don't think I am a creep or
anything, just that I've been watching you right from when you came in with Chioma" Jerry explained
"Oh have you?" Titi said. She didn't realise she was blushing
"Yes I have. You look marvelous in that dress, I can't take my eyes off you"
"Wow, thanks. You're direct aren't you" She laughed
Jerry moved closer
"I just say it as it is. I'd like to..." He thought for a second and rephrased the sentence.
"I'd love to know you better" Jerry looked at Titi with pleading eyes
while also inquiring about something.
"Please tell me you'd be free for lunch tomorrow, please please" He pleaded
Titi wondered why anyone would take an interest in her now, she's a
bag of emotions and she's not sure she wants to get involved with
anyone now. But gosh, Jerry is a breath of fresh air and sunshine.
Before she could respond Chioma called out to her. She excused herself
to attend to Chioma.
They both came back to the seat and not long Chike joined them
"Ahh I see you've met Titi" Chike said to Jerry
The four of them were seated now
" Yes
I have. I want to thank you guys for bringing her along" Jerry said
Chioma and Chike looked at each other and a smile escaped from their
lips. They understood what Jerry meant.

"I'm happy she agreed to come" Chioma said. Smiling
Titi was just looking at them in awe. Could this be a set up?
"Hey I'm right here people" She protested
"Sorry dear, Jerry said. So what do you say, will you have lunch with
me tomorrow?" He asked again

"Hey people" Charlse interrupted Titi before she could answer Jerry.
"I just told some of my colleagues about your work Titi and they've
agreed to stop by your showroom tomorrow to check out your designs"
Charlse said
Titi couldn't believe what she just heard. She remembered telling
Charlse she's a designer while they were dancing and he said he'll
stop by her office but this is just unbelievable.
She stood and gave Charlse a big hug.
"Thanks Charlse. This is amazing, all this in one night" she said with so much happiness
"Its nothing Titi, I'm sure they'll patronize you. Chioma has told me
how good you are and judging from what you're wearing now I have no
doubt that you're an exceptional designer" Charlse praised her
Titi was overwhelmed by his words, such faith in her ability
"Thank you so much, thank you" She hugged him again
"Titi, so you're a Fashion designer?" Jerry said, he was surprised
"This is great, ok. I'm putting out a photo magazine and I'd like to
feature you. I'd  like your designs to grace the maiden edition of the
magazine my magazine" Jerry explained.
Titi just stood there looking at Jerry, it was as if the universe was
working hard to reward her for all the hard work and ease the hurt she
felt and the disappointment about Jide. Whatever it is she prays it
doesn't stop, all that is happening this night seem too good to be
"This is unbelievable, I don't know what to say" Titi said, staring at Jerry
"Just say yes" Jerry told her
"Yes... Of course. Why not" she brought her hand for a handshake, his arms were open, obviously he was expecting a hug. He finally settled for the handshake
"Wow, Titi, God is really opening doors for you" Chike said
"Yessso, this is just the beginning; remember my prayer the other
day?" Chioma Asked Titi. She didn't wait for Titi to answer
"It has started so enjoy every minute of it sweetheart" Chioma said
"Thank you guys, thank you so much" Titi said as tears welled in her eyes
"Awwww, you're welcome my darling" Chioma drew her close for a side hug and wiped her tears with the handkerchief from her purse.
Charlse exchanged business cards with Titi. Thank Goodness she always has some with her wherever she goes. He promised to visit her showroom the next day with some of his friends and colleagues. He spoke with Jerry and Chike for some minutes and took his leave.
Chike and Chioma sensed that Jerry was searching for a way to speak
with Titi alone so they excused themselves again. Jerry moved his seat close to Titi, he sat down. He took her hand in his and Titi allowed
him, their eyes met and a sense of longing lingered in their thoughts.
Jerry repeated the question he asked earlier, this time there won't be
any distraction and she'll have to give him an answer.
"Tee, Tee" She opened her eyes to see Chioma and Oreva standing in front of her, bringing her back to the present.


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