Jenny Chisom Launches Business Blog + Shares her Own Tough Business Start-Off

Graduation from Enterprise Development Centre, PAU Lagos Nigeria on Dec 2, 2011
This blog has officially began to be the best business blog in Africa with niche in Small scale businesses and how to start off and grow it.

I started my content editing business in 2009 when I couldn't afford my most important business tool - a laptop computer at best. I would talk about my editing business and when I got a client, i would usually borrow a dear friend's laptop for a number of days. Then I would read the manuscript morning and night, until I got done with tracking changes and correcting errors. 

Back then, I was my own content editor, copy editor and proofreader in all. Lolz, but that birthed my small company Logos Audibles Enterprises which has become a sizeable content development and publishing services company that has published 11 authors, several writers and has become a training hub for bloggers, editors and small business owners.

I will share more of my journey in business here, but will like to hear your own enterprise story. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood, and even though it can get tough sometimes, I believe it is the solution to Nigeria's poverty amidst plenty.

Watch out and do send me an email on if you want me to publish your own business story.

Let's do business, Africa!


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My Graduation from Pan Atlantic University, EDC  as a part of Grooming Enterprise Leaders. (Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management)