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A lady called me yesterday at 9pm, her husband does not allow her use phones, she was freaking out. Your spouse holds a PhD degree but has refused to work. He/She results to contract jobs that kick in once every 5 years, leaving your family destitute.

Someone has moved into your house, how long will she stay? A mother verbally abuses her child daily, and doesn't know how to stop. A man just told his wife that he likes men. A wife does not initiate sex and uses it to punish her husband. A Pastor is contemplating suicide. A Pastor's child is on drugs. Hatred is so prevalent now. Do we hate people  because they are a reflection of us, or do they remind us of someone who hurt us in our past? Is it okay to gossip about what is true?  Do we really have a past, or did we just make up some sad story to keep us in victim mode? Hmmmm.

A 50 year old spinster seems to be comfortable, but wants children from a man she doesn't even care about. Ummm, must we all get married? Must we all have children? The fact that we are still seeking for admission, does that mean we should sit down at home watching movies day in day out? When is it okay to slap your wife? When she nags you to madness? Is cheating really okay? I mean, after all, each spouse is miserable. Is divorce a God forbidden thing, or are we just scared of the stigma?

What about drinking water? Does it really sustain life? Is semovita pure glucose ? Is it okay for a couple to NOT use  birth control or a condom, now you have 10 children and you can't educate 9 of them? Is that normal to you? Buy or rent a home? We are all going to die and leave our assets on earth. Why spend so much money?

How do you know when someone is cheating? Should I marry a rich man or a man who loves me? Why are there so many outlets for women to vent? Men have issues too you know. As a matter of fact, if men are emotionally sound, the world will be a better place. Marriages will soar higher. Children will be well behaved, and generational curses will be broken.

Why are women so picky? Why can't you marry a Taxi Driver? Your children are sneaking out of the house, they come back in 2 days and you can't spank them? Is spanking your child a sin? Is boarding school permissible when you're rich and able to take care of your children?

Why is a single young lady fending the bills for her Father, Mother and 6 siblings? Is this okay? A woman told me that she wants her father to die.

One of my a pearls lost 4 of her family members in one day, due to an accident. She is currently void of emotion.

You call people and beg them to give you a time to visit them, because you know they have issues, but they say "All is well". Marriages are packing up daily. People are committing suicide and somebody told me that suicide is an American thing. Thank God for the woman shown on channels in Nigeria. She killed herself didn't she?

When I came to Nigeria to start Pearls, bad belle people told me to my face that I will not succeed. They specifically told me that  Nigerians don't talk. Ha! Thank God I came. My phone number is on speed dial. And it breaks my heart. I'm not taking the glory. It only shows the severity of this emotional leprosy.

Yes! People have issues to the point that everybody avoids them. Cousins are sleeping with each other. Many wives no longer cook. Some husbands lie and steal. Can a spouse really steal from you? Oh, can a spouse actually rape you?

A friend pinged me at 3:14am with issues. That's what promoted my CRY.  

Your in-laws sleep on your bed. I can't even comment on that. OMG!

These are just a few topics I've counseled people on. I've gone as far as sending my counselors to hospitals to rescue women. I've cleared  my account to save a predicaments. A few people have lied to me and taken advantage of my mandate. I've been there for legit circumstances as well.

In my small outlet of Pearl Meetings and Thursday BlackBerry Counseling, I've drawn one conclusion, most people are miserable. Point blank. Very few people are happy and stable. I mean truly happy and stable .

The funny thing is that most of these issues are not even huge. It's our failure to attend to them that magnify the consequences. My heart aches for my Brothers and Sisters.

That's why I started IT'S NOT OVER. My weekly articles on my blog and Leadership Newspaper. The responses I received from those were so overwhelming, I was tempted to stop.

In fact, my Editor in Chief fell into a Coma for 2 days and I didn't know. I kept sending my article to him with no response, and I got quite upset that he was not returning my phone calls. I found out last week that he was between life and death, and here I was being angry. Nobody knew. This is how people die. Privately! and at their funerals, we say" God knows best".

It didn't occur to me that he could have been in trouble. I kept thinking that he was avoiding my call.  I'm so ashamed of this new present age, where many are so fixated on their problems, that they can't even see the swollen eyes of their next door neighbor. It's maddening.

I will never get tired of helping. After all, I used to be a HOT MESS, if it weren't for a few people who noticed my red teary eyes. I have noticed you.  GOD HAS NOTICED YOU.

My mandate is to help people break the oyster in their lives, so we can all see the beautiful Pearl, that they are.

Join me in my BlackBerry Channel, ITS NOT OVER WITH OMENESA. This is my cry for help. Please let us help each other. Please! Together we will seek solutions to every situation that has troubled our minds.

You talk, we pray, God answers.

Join my channel: C001EE5C2. BlackBerry Pin: 2BD4E5DB. Twitter: @omenesapearls  ‎

Don't just sit there and let the world bounce you like a ball. You've got to attack life!

Soar High, OMENESA


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