The Purpose Of Business

As a human, eating food is important. Sleeping is also pretty important too.

As a business, making more money is important. Making higher profit margins is also pretty important too.

But just like eating and sleeping, although important isn't the primary reason why we exist. It is important to remember that the reason why we started a business isn't primarily for profit.

We started because we saw a need the customer had and we wanted to fulfil it.

Profit becomes a natural by-product of continually seeking out new ways to delight and excite your customers. Unfortunately most people forget this fact and pursue profit first then purpose later.

The ones who last and outlive the competition are the ones who are constantly fulfilling the purpose for which they exist. Most businesses owners want something FROM their customers. Successful businesses want something FOR their customers.

What do you STAND for? Do you remember?

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
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