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Tonye Rex Idaminabo Appointed as Advisor of The World Leaders Forum Dubai

The World Leaders Forum Dubai (WLFDubai) – an extraordinarily diverse, global network of people that participate in promoting values for building a sustainable and peaceful Global Society in the 21st century, has appointed Tonye Rex Idaminibo as Advisory Member in Nigeria, and this is official.

The appointment (backed by a Certificate of Appointment) was made and confirmed yesterday, Friday, October 16, 2014 by Sabine Balve: Founder & President WLFDubai).

"We are proud to appoint you as World Leaders Forum Dubai – Advisory Board ," Blave said, "and have herewith attached your Certificate of Appointment.

"Your support is much appreciated and your experience and network are most welcome! You and your work as Founder of the African Achievers Awards matter to us. To have you with us.. is a great honor for the World Leaders Forum Dubai. Together, we will make the world a better place."

Accepting his appointment, Rex Idaminabo truly appreciated "that out of all various Nigerians who were eligible to take the spot, I was the one you granted the honour with. I look forward to working with other members of the board towards the advancement of the World leaders Forum, Dubai. I pledge my allegiance to the Forum's Vision and hope of a sustainable, more humanitarian and peaceful future for all.

Tonye Rex Idaminabo is the visionary Founder of African Achievers Awards – the honours given in pursuance of excellence to African's who in their own unique way are making measurable and lasting impacts on Africans and Mother Africa.