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Young Nigerian Entrepreneur, Kalu Dimgba, Launches TechNigeria; Technology News Aggregator

In recent times, it has been nearly impossible to read through stories and when ones hand is full you simply cry in awe because you must have missed some and with the increasing growth of technology interest in Africa, there are so many people out there who want to follow the trends of things happening in our ecosystems. They want to know who is funded, what new feature is being added, who quits and who acquires. For them it is very important to know what the story is all about just with a headline, a corresponding image and a paragraph of about 300-500 words. No PR, just straight to point.

To solve this problem, we decided to launch this Technology News Aggregator "TechNigeria".

TechNigeria is again another exploration to digest Africa focused technology stories in quick time. Built to search and make public every bit of tech news, our simple goal is to keep every reader and subscribers up to date with events especially now that the convergence of technology, analytics, demography and availability of manpower is powering this new age of innovations.

"TechNigeria is like the heat seeking missiles – finding the true signal in all the noise"

TechNigeria selects most up-to-date information from the numerous number of technology publications using a combination of an automatic aggregation algorithm and human editors. It helps to keep you informed of events and things happening in the African tech and startup scene.

Every day we publish a daily list of stories that we think are genuinely worth reading. We summarize each story in such a way that you'll get a pretty good idea of what it's talking about. Said summaries will retain their original headlines or sometimes we may need to tweak them to make sense of our objective. Each story has an accompanying image and spotlights the author. By doing this we spare readers the impossible task of monitoring an abundance of news sites, tweets, and status updates. – Dimgba Kalu /@dkdimgba (Founder and Head Curator)

Who should use TechNigeria

If you like to keep track of African Technology news from multiple sources, but you're clueless as to how to find them yourself, then TechNigeria might be the thing for you.

If you love reading about technology startups, innovations, ideas and an all-round revolution of Nigerian economy using IT as a viable tool, then you no longer have to be jumping from one technology blog and news site to another. You can now follow all the latest happenings in the Nigerian tech ecosystem in one place, at

Why you should use TechNigeria

 TechNigeria will be extremely useful and will save you time getting the most important tech news

 Will provide you with a great snapshot of what's going on in the Africa Tech Scene.

 In minutes, everything you need to know that day in tech is made available


We are sourcing stories from over 30 African focused tech blogs. We present the syndicated stories as headlines with featured images and summarized content of about 300-500 words with an option to read the full story on the original site where it was published. If you want us to cover your tech blog, you can contact us.

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