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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 13

Jide tried his best to hold his cool, what's this guy doing here, who
is he and why is he almost naked? Oreva has some explaining to do.
"I'm here to see Oreva" He answered, looking straight at the guy. Jide
wanted to smash the guys head against the wall, rage slowly consuming him.
The man stepped aside and motioned for Jide to come in. He was still
smiling and he also noticed the Jide's black expression.
"Oh, please come in" He said.
Jide walked in, he wanted to go straight to Oreva's bedroom but he
found her sitting on the couch. She looked stressed and overworked,
her face was a bit swollen and it was obvious that she'd been crying.
A box of Tissue paper sat by her side and she had one in her left hand that she used to wipe her nose. She wore a red spaghetti top, a black three quarter pants and was covered with a mickey mouse blanket. Her face
lit up as she heard Jide's voice.
"Hi baby, thank goodness you made it" She said with arms open, inviting Jide for a hug.
Jide stood there staring at her, before Oreva could get up he blew a fuse
"So this is what I left Abuja for, I left a very crucial meeting with the Minister just so you could humiliate me" Jide shouted.
Still standing, Oreva wanted to speak but was cut off by Jide, "This is preposterous, I can't believe I let myself get manipulated by you just so you could humiliate me" His voice still raised.
"And to think I felt bad for not telling you about Titi, now I know
you're no better"
He was about to storm out but was blocked by the man that allowed him in. The expression on his face showed hostility, he opened his mouth to say something but he never got the chance.
Jide threw a right jab that landed on the man's right cheek, throwing him off balance but he regained his stance and immediately sent an
upper cut that connected with Jide's jaw. Jide staggered backward, the
man charged like an angry bull, he his knuckles and Jide ducked
sending a blow to the man' stomach, he gasped for air.
Jide moved to the side and the man fell. Jide kicked him but that seemed to be a wrong move as the man caught Jide's leg, he connected a blow to the mid section and Jide screamed. They were both on the floor now kicking furiously at each other when they heard her shout.
"Stop it both of you, stop it now" She slumped and lost consciousness.
For about 5 seconds the room was quiet, they both stared at Oreva then
back at each other. For that moment they forgot that they were trying
to tear each other apart. Jide crawled to the couch with a speed likened to that of a mouse, not minding the bruises on his knee, he touched her and shouted her name severally but she didn't respond.
The other guy already up rushed to the kitchen and few seconds later he
came out with a bowl of water and started sprinkling it over Oreva's
face. Jide heard him scream something to Oreva but he couldn't make sense out of it. He had so many things running through his mind at
that moment that, what had he done, what came over him, why did he do
that? He knows he's not a violent individual but the thought of Oreva
with another man just drives him insane, she fainted because he
could not control himself.
"Please let nothing happen either her or the baby" he prayed within, if not he'll never forgive himself.
"Sister, sister" the guy yelled "sister please wake up" he kept sprinkling the water on her face and yelling sister sister until she
coughed and open her eyes. Then they knew they were out of the blue
Oreva looked at Jide who was kneeling by her side, she also looked at the other guy, her eyes were too lazy to stay open. She managed to fix
a gaze at Jide and he could feel her eyes boring hole in his, and the
next thing he heard threw him off the cliff.....


Anonymous said…
Huh! Things just keep getting worst for Jide! Food for thought for we guys to learn from. Now I wonder what Oreva said to him that took him off balance as a result of his action.