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"Jide, this is my brother, Ejiro" Oreva said moving her gaze from Jide to Ejiro.
Jide felt like kicking himself in the gut, how did he miss it? Looking
at the guy now he saw some resemblance between he and Oreva. "I'm such a fool" he thought.
They both helped Oreva up, she lay on the couch still feeling woozy.
Ejiro kept the wet towel on her forehead while Jide sat on the floor
holding Oreva's hands. Ejiro smiled at Jide, he returned the bowl of
water to the kitchen, when he came out Jide was on his feet with his
hand stretched out for a handshake. Ejiro took it and smiled, they both
looked at Oreva who was watching them intently.
"I'm sorry man, sorry for everything" Jide started
"Don't sweat it sir, I understand" Ejiro said
"I lost it back there, just can't stand the thought of any man being close to her" Jide was surprised at what he said and more surprised because he meant every word. Does this mean what he thinks it mean?
"I totally understand sir, I might react even worse if it were me". Ejiro said laughing.
"Oh stop with the sir thing, call me Jide" Jide said. He looked around
and he immediately felt ashamed of himself .
"Look at the mess I caused, I'm sincerely sorry once again" Jide said.
Ejiro looked around and chuckled, he ran his fingers through his thick hair thinking of how to get the place back together.
"No problem sir, I'll handle it. Meanwhile, I'll be in my room, you
guys need to talk" He said and made his way to leave but stopped midway
"And sir, she's really pregnant and its for you. She's never spoken about any man to me, ever. Except you" With that he left for his room.
Jide felt like the shooting himself on the leg, he knew she really liked him but never thought it was deeper than that. If for anything he was scared that he was the one actually... No he shook his head, it can't be, it can't. He sat on the floor again next to Oreva who by now was feeling much better.
"I'm so sorry dear, I didn't mean to cause you any pain" Jide said.
Oreva kept her gaze on him, her face devoid of any expression. Jide could not tell what she was thinking.
"Sweetie I'm really sorry, I've been tearing my hair out since I learnt he's your brother" He said with pleading eyes.
Oreva slowly stood but sat down immediately and motioned for Jide to sit next to her. She took his hand and looked in his eyes.

"I love you, I love you Jide" She said.
Jide was thrown off, why is she saying this? She's supposed to be yelling, screaming and throwing
things at him. He was confused

"Why are you doing this?" He asked
"Doing what?" She responded. Jide stood up.
"Why are you so calm about all this, you're supposed to be mad at me.
"You sounded like you'd throw me off the roof yesterday when you
called" He was shaking but didn't notice.

"I lied to you, accused you wrongly, fought with your brother and even
destroyed some of your properties and you fainted because of my stupidity" He said.
Oreva managed to get on her feet, she held his hand and kissed him
passionately. She couldn't stand for long so she sat down and pulled
him too. They both sat facing each other.
"Baby, I love you" She started
"Yes I was really mad that you lied to me and made me betray my friend. Yes I was mad that you came in here and accused me of sleeping around, but you know what?"
She asked and gave him another kiss. Jide was still confused, if she was angry why not let it all out, he knows he deserves it.
"All that anger disappeared when you fought because me. When you spoke of how hurt you are, thinking I'd been with other men. Sweetie I
realized that you care, you really do"
She hugged him tightly and tears flowed down her cheeks, little did she know that was not the only one with tears flowing.


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