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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 15

It seems like yesterday when she was at the party with Chike and Chioma, life from then on has been nothing but blissful. Both business and personal.
Touch Couture has received tremendous growth, her clientele has increase and with her designs trending everywhere Titi stood in her office, her eyes glued to the fashion station she was overwhelmed by how fast everything was going.
Thanks to Charlse for keeping his word by making sure his colleagues in the movie industry patronised her and also to Jerry who made Touch Couture a priority in his photo magazine, since then its been once success story to another.
Jerry, Jerry, everytime she remembers him heart skips a beat. They've been pretty close these past months and he has been spoiling her with so much tenderness, love and care, surprising her with gifts and unexpected trips.
She's been swept off her feet,she yearns for him but of course he doesn't know that, not yet anyway. She's been playing hard to get but she feels its time she really let him in.
She sat down and brought out a sketch pad, she's been having flashes
of some really beautiful designs in her head but haven't quite had the
time to put them down on paper. She took a pencil from her pencil case, tapping the pencil on the table she closed her eyes and tried to visualise the drawings but just then she heard something on TV.
"Nominees for best new designer are, Gold Bassy (House of Gold, Funke
Idowu (Stiches), Titi Adelaja (Touch Couture), George Ike (G.I Wears).
Vote for your favourite best new designer......."
Titi didn't know when she stood up and ran to the store screaming,
customers and attendants where stunned, she started dancing and
singing a popular gospel tune, "Baba Ese o Baba, Ese o Baba, Awa dupe
Mary had to run to her, "Anty what are you doing, there are customers
here na. What happened" she inquired looking perplexed.
Titi grabbed Mary and started dancing with her, Mary had little resistance, she joined the dance obviously still trying to find out
what's making her boss act this way.
"Aunty talk na" she pleaded. Like a child that has just been promised chocolate, Titi screamed again and let go of Mary. She took the remote and changed the channel of the TV in the store to Fashion TV, but the commercial was gone. Not minding she shouted out loud.
"I've just been nominated for the Nigerian Fashion Award on the
category of best new designer" She told them.
A resounding applause went off immediately she said it and a lot of congratulations too.
"I owe it all to you guys, thanks for the patronage and encouragement,
even if I don't win, at least I've been recognised. That's all that counts" Titi thanked both customers and staff present.
"Congratulations, don't worry you'll definitely win" A customer said. " I will vote for you, your designs are superb" another said.
"We will all vote for you Titi. You have won already" yet another customer added.
Titi thanked all of them and gave all present in the store a 10% discount on all purchase. Mary was dancing now and full of excitement.
"Anty you did it, you're hard work has paid off" Mary said still dancing.
Titi laughed out heartily.
"No no sweetie, we did it, our hard work. We're a team, you and the
other staff members, this is our hard work" with that she hugged Mary
and walked back to her office.
She sat down, closed her eyes and prayed silently; thanking God for
all the wonderful things that's been happening to her. How she wished
her parents were still alive to see what their daughter has accomplished, it's not fair that death took them away too soon. Tears
flowed down her cheeks and she didn't nothing to wipe them off. "I
know you guys are in heaven watching over me, Dad, Mom, look what I'm doing with my life, hope I'm making you proud?" She asked.
"I know for a fact that they are proud of you dear".
Titi opened her eyes and there he stood, smiling at her with arms wide open.


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