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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 16

Charlse was a frequent visitor at Touch Couture, Mary didn't have any problem allowing him go straight to Titi's office. Titi got up and hugged him, they've become really good friends and Titi feels a sense of security around him. But she'll have to speak with Mary, she can't keep giving access to people to enter her office without proper notification. 

"Hey there, its ok dear" Charlse said as they sat on the couch, sometimes Titi refers to the couch as her bed because that's where she naps in the office.
"Look dear, your parents are proud of you. I'm proud of you, I was actually going on location when I heard the good news in my car radio. So decided to congratulate you in person" he explained. 

Titi was baffled, how did he know she was crying because of that?
"How long have you been standing there" She asked, stood to get tissue from the table and wiped her eyes and nose.
"Long enough to hear almost everything" He answered
Titi sat and smiled at him. He actually left his shoot just to come congratulate her, "hmmm, this guy has a good heart" she thought to herself".

"Sorry you heard that, I was just thanking God for everything. And thanks to you too" She said. She noticed something about Charlse, he seemed uneasy most times they're alone and she doesn't have a clue why.
"Common now, you don't have to apologise and I've not done anything at all. By the way, congratulations, you deserve to win" With that he stood and flashed her a smile.
Titi got up too sensing that he's about to leave, he visits frequently but hardly stays long and this bothered her.
"Don't tell me you're leaving already, you just got here" She protested.
Charlse hugged her "I told you I was on my way to a shoot. Have to go now so I don't run late" He shrugged as if to say he had no choice but to leave.
She saw him off to the store's exit and watched while he got in his car and drove away. He blew her a kiss as he left, he always does that, why, Titi had no idea.
"Thanks for all this, you really didn't have to" She said, looking straight into his eyes, he looked so dreamy, so handsome.
"Oh stop it dear, we have to celebrate the news. This is quite a feat." Jerry said as he grabbed the champagne bottle from the ice bucket, he removed the foil paper with such ease that Titi had seen on several of their dates together.
He always ordered champagne, only this time it's not in the usual brand, its a brand far more exquisite and expensive. And instead of the usual Chinese or Italian restaurants they went to, they were at his beach house; she had suggested they go there because she has something important to say and she wanted to be alone with him when she says it.
This is the first time she'll be totally alone with him and it's also her first time in the beach house.
It's a one storey building that consisted of 5 rooms in all including a garage. Painted all white both interior and exterior, with a veranda for relaxation.
The whole house boasted of a simple but well furnished living room, the walls had wonderful paintings from well know artists and beautiful photographs from models and artistes he had worked with, bedroom that contains a king size bed, minor electronics such as a TV set and a portable CD/DVD player hung on the wall. The rest of the rooms are empty.
Jerry rarely goes there let alone have visitors.
"Sorry I wasn't around yesterday to celebrate the news, but I'm here now and I wanna make it up to you" He poured the liquid in two wine
glasses and handed one to Titi.
Titi let the evening breeze blow through her hair. This is the best spot ever, the veranda created an emotional and a beautiful ambience. She turned her gaze to the sea for a while and watched as the waves push the water ashore,"beautiful" she thought. Then she turned to face Jerry; she gave him a loving look.
"Cheers, here's to winning that award and to many more successes to come" Jerry raised his glass for the toast and was about to ask why Titi didn't respond or even lift up her glass when he heard her say, "I've considered your proposal, from this night, we're officially a
couple" She said smiling at him. Jerry didn't know when the wine glass slipped from his grip and hit the floor.