Men's Business: Men's Hangout on BBM Group with Jenny Chisom In September; Read Testimonials

I know this has been long overdue but thank God, it's here now. You knew about my decision to feel men's pulse on issues pertaining to women, responsibilities, relationships and marriage.

It was branded "howG" Hanging Out With the Guys and it ran from Sept 7th to 30th.

We discussed a wide range of topics via the BBM group and on twitter using the hashtage "howG", it was revealing and eye opening. The group has also remained after the program...hahahaha.

Here are some of the testimonials after the sessions:

KellyBlue M said: I have learnt how to interact and share my views on virtually every topic including relationship and family life. I hope to improve my life using the tips as shared on this forum. Thank you all for this great opportunity.

MEKKY M said: I learnt that even in in this present time when many people have joined the league of sexual escapade in the society, some ladies are still reserved, not driven by cultural sentiments, and not letting current problematic issues weigh them down.

Jecinta K said: I could see first hand what men are thinking of on some critical issues.

Believe M: Learnt that there are still good women around, thought they were all gone.

HonStanclick said: I learnt from this group that it's not good for me to deprive my Wife access to all her friends but make sure they are positive and productive friends as well. That she's married to me does not mean that's she's now in prison.

LaToya said: @ Jenny, first I celebrate you! Secondly this group has been a blessing to me. I have met the most wonderful people, who are working daily on being better people and are particular about impacting their world one step at a time. I learnt from real experiences how to handle a lot of issues from life, love etc and this group has taught me a lot. I've helped a few in my world with stuff I have learnt here so I would be glad if it stays on. You all rock!

These and many more are streaming in...we can each learn from one another and improve ourselves for a better society.