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Movie Business: Nollywood Actor Yinka Moore Set for Hollywood: Read inspiring Interview

After a bit of work to reach one of the best Nollywood actors, Yinka Moore, he was excited when we finally cornered him in Lagos while he was hanging out with director per excellence and Nollywood’s ace actor, femi Ogedengbe. We bring you what transpired with this Nigerian talent –Yinka Moore.

Can you meet you sir?

Yinka: My name like you may already know is Yinka Moore. I am from Epe local government in Lagos state and I also live here. (smiles)

We know you have been in the movie industry for a while, can you let us into what inspired you?

Yinka: I have always been inspired and in fact I have had a deep love for acting from my early days as a young boy. I was motivated and given the PUSH to act by American movie actor Bruce Willis, who I consider my mentor. He inspired me in the movies DIE HARD and MOON LIGHTING.

So what year did you join Nollywood and how many movies have you done so far?

Yinka: I got into Nollywood  in 1999,   

(Cuts in)

Wow, you are almost a veteran as it were (laughing)

Yinka: Yes ooo, my debut work is “OLU and THE BAD GANG” a TV series, after that I have featured in a dozen other movies amongst which are : SHACKLES OF THE RUGGED CROSS, RADICALS, TEARS OF THE GHETTO, LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD, REJECTED TWINS,TREASURE ISLAND.

Oh nice to know, so you act TV series as well, and you were rumoured to have acted in Tinsel, how true is that?

Yinka: Yes, apart from the movies I mentioned, I have played a minor role in TINSEL and also played in PAPA AJASCO, SUPER STORY, and MAMA ONOME’S BUKA . 

Really, great to know that, how have you been inspired in this career and what will you say has been your best moments so far?

Yinka:  My passion has been my inspiration and there’s nothing like doing what you love. Also while working on the above projects, I have acted alongside the best of Nollywood. They include talented and famous actors like Ramsey Noah, Genevieve Nnaji, Kelvin Ikeduba, Mercy Johnson amongst others.

Thank you for sharing with us, but before we leave you, can you let us into your immediate  plans for this career you love so much?

Yinka: Okay, I am a very hard working actor, and I hope to act alongside some of the best of Hollywood so as to gather more experience and make better impact. That may not be immediate but I am ready or it (laughing). I am expanding my capacity already by reading and attending workshop all around the world.

We wish you all the best. Our eyes are definitely on you.