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Nigerian Born Miss United Nations, Precious Chisom Chikwendu Bags Professional Membership Of African Business School On Strategic Corporate Administration

Nigerian Born Miss United Nations 2014, Precious Chisom Chikwendu has become a Member of the African Business School.
Ms Chikwendu who is an embodiment of beauty, brain, intellect and consummate character, is also very engaging and soft spoken.
Speaking to a group of bloggers and I on a round table for an hour, the queen left us completely transfixed and inspired by her engaging account of her thoughtful projects; some mind -blowing others juggling from awesome to breath taking.
At first sight, you could mistake her for the usual run-off-the-mill, half baked and hurriedly assembled queens crowned frequently these days until she says "Hello", tells you her name and goes on to wow you.
Miss United Nations, a part-time actress who considers charitable works and helping people dear to her heart, holds her cardinal dream to be to change the world and inspire people.
Shortly after the extremely motivating queen, Chisom claimed her keenly contested crown by defeating 32 others from all around the world in Kingston, she set to work doing good, entirely with her own earnings. She undertook the complete refurbishment of a high school in Kingston, and in the whole city accolades and goodwill poured in thereafter, and as a believer in the maxim "charity begins at home", young Chisom upon completing her mission in Kingston, moved to Cross River state in Nigeria where she is currently undertaking the repairs of two schools. The school projects is to be commissioned later this November.
Not being deterred by the financial implications of any project, Miss United Nations has already moved into another area she considers with a burning desire, EDUCATION AND HYGIENE using her young ladies pet project "Snowhite, Pure white foundation". She hopes to organize talk shows and a special competition in hygiene that will encourage young girls to talk about health and hygiene issues and not be afraid to ask questions and express themselves when they notice changes in their bodies.
If you think that is all the purposeful queen is set to achieve within her remarkable reign, then wait for this; she recently caused a stir and bewilderment at the Panti Police Station, Lagos state where she undertook a complete facelift of the station to the utter amazement of the rank and file. It is often said that "the police is your friend", but not all can genuinely relate with that, but here is a queen not only identifying with the police but putting smiles on their faces.
She has gone further to launch a "police project" aimed at bridging the gap between the youth and the police and calling on well-meaning Nigerians to assist the police in anywhere possible.
Asked about her advice for young aspiring queens, she had these to say; "it's about selflessness; for me it's not just about the crown alone, but how relevant one can be, touching lives and changing people".
Sure, no good deed goes unnoticed at least for long. Upon Queen Precious Chisom's young shoulder accolades, recognitions and awards have started rolling in.
On Saturday 15th November, she became one of the youngest Professional Members of the famous African Business School, a prestigious recognition often reserved for distinguished achievers and professionals in the society.
In her words; " this recognition will do a lot to propel me to do even more in my various charitable projects and will go further to strengthen my commitment to a transformed world."