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Victoria Beckham: Entrepreneur Vs BusinessWoman

I stumbled on this and taught to share.

Did you hear? Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl, wife of the famous soccer star and owner of a successful fashion business, has been named the UK's Entrepreneur of the Year by Management Today, a respected British magazine.

In what seems like more of a defense of the choice than praise for the winner, the magazine's editor wrote: "She is what she is. And what Mrs. Beckham is has created a company that is both real and wildly successful. Philip Beresford, who compiles the MT Top 100, is the author of the Rich List, and you don't pull the sequined wool over his eyes. Her numbers are impressive. I, for one, rather warmed to her admission that 'first time around I felt famous, but now I feel successful.'" 

As you can imagine, the choice has been controversial. Some I know think it's nothing more than a PR stunt while others are fully supportive. In the latter camp, a Forbes contributor gushed: "Since she opened her fashion boutique in London's Mayfair five years ago, turnover has grown from 1m to 30m. Having started out with just three members of staff, she's now employing 100. Sales growth of 2,900% and employment growth of more than 3,200% is hardly to be sniffed at--nor is it the kind of performance that can be generated by the sparkle of celebrity alone. Rather, hard-nosed fashion industry insiders--hardly likely to be swayed by Beckham's pop music years or the identity of her husband--consistently praise the quality of her collections. Moreover, she has parlayed that flair for design into business success, displaying considerable acumen. Nor should we overlook Beckham's work ethic--whatever you think about the Spice Girls' music, the band was renowned for putting in in London's Mayfair five years ago, turnover has grown from 1m to 30m. Having started out with just three members of staff, she's now employing 100.

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