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Being Wealthy: Anichebe

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Surely everyone does, some even want to be billionaires. But wanting doesn't equate to getting.

Besides no amount of money will ever make you wealthy. Because wealth isn't so much about the money you possess, but rather its about the person you've become. Its one of the reasons you won't describe a miserly man as being wealthy.

Wealth is largely about associating and identifying with all the vast resources surrounding you which you never had to work for! For example: The internet which you did not invent, the food you eat which you didn't farm, the air you breathe, this broadcast which you didn't pay for, your loyal friends, good roads and even the erratic electricity!

It is entirely psychological. It is a frame of mind, knowing you have enough resources to get whatever it is you truly want done and secondly knowing that YOU are enough.

Once you experience this shift in your mind, you become liberated to do more and become more.

If one is to become powerful he must act powerfully. If one is to become wealthy, s/he must first start think wealth and abundance.

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
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