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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 17

"You really mean it?" He asked, staring excitedly at Titi and not minding the broken wine glass on the floor.
Titi leaned towards him, Jerry hesitated for a second, confused, but something in her eyes told him to be calm. Their lips locked and they were both lost in the moment, the kiss was tender and soft. Titi broke the kiss and stared deep in Jerry's eyes.
"Is that proof enough for you?" She asked with eyes fixed on his.
Jerry buried his face in his hands for a moment, then glanced up at Titi, he got up and knelt beside her, he asked for her hand and she gave him without hesitating. He took it with both hands and smiled at her.
"You've made me the happiest man alive. I'll never make you cry, I'll make you the envy among your peers, I'll satisfy your every need and desire, I'll ......." He was stopped by Titi, she placed her index finger on his lips.
"Shsss, I don't want all that, I just want you to love me. I've been badly hurt in the past and I'm scared of opening up to anyone" she told him.
"But sweetie, I'll never hurt you" Jerry said mildly.
"Please don't, I'm begging you. I don't think I can take anymore hurt or disappointment" she pleaded.
They hugged and without warning he whisked her to the bedroom. They locked lips again, it grew bigger and intense. She didn't know how she got on the bed, her senses were distorted, pleasure was all there was. He was on top of her and exploring all the corners of her mouth with his tongue while his hands performed magic on her body. She dug her fingers in his hair and ran the others down his back. He broke the kiss and stared deep into her eyes, before she could catch a breath and gather her thoughts he covered her mouth with his, probing, searching for pleasure spots. His right hand cupped her now nearly exposed breast as he released her from the passionate kiss only to find a soft spot on the left side of her neck.
She let out a moan, closed her eyes and worked her hands down to his waist to pull his shirt up. He assisted her with his left hand.
Jerry hurriedly removed his shirt and in that split second Titi had a rethink.
Jerry unbuttoned Titi's blouse and her bra with such expertise that suggested he was no amateur. His hot breath sent a sweet sensation down her breasts as he covered her with kisses from her neck down, she moaned out loud when his lips enveloped her left nipple.
"Stop" she said softly.
Still unable to break loose from this pleasure torment.
"Please stop, please Jerry"
She begged, but he seemed too preoccupied to pay heed to what she was saying.
"This is not happening, at least not now" She thought. It took almost all the  will power she had to push him off her.
"I said stop" She almost yelled.
He was surprised and looked peeved.
"What's the matter?" He inquired
"I can't do this, at least not now. Please" She said looking sorry.
He grimaced in pain, she glanced down and noticed his hard on.
"I thought I was ready, I believed I was ready but I don't know what happened. I can't do this now. Please understand" she explained, dressing up.
Jerry was infuriated but made it unnoticed, how can she do this to him, he really needed to be with her, to make love to her. He has been secretly dreaming and waiting for this day to come, now his dream has been crushed, but not for long he told himself. He did his best to hide the pain and anger within him.
"Its alright my love. I'll wait" He said, but changed the statement after a rethink "we'll wait. For as long as you want" He lied.
Titi, all dressed up, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
"Thanks baby. I knew you'd understand" she said.
"Can you take me home now?" She asked.
Jerry was stunned at her question.
"I thought we're spending the night here?"
He asked.
Titi smiled, that was the plan but as it stands now, the plan has changed.
"Baby please, I just wanna go home now. Don't wanna be tempted any more than I already am" She told him.
An obviously disappointed Jerry got dressed and moments later they were driving to her place.