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Planning a wedding can be so exhausting and fun at the same time. The girls have been so busy with the wedding preparation that they hardly have time for anything else. Chioma had plan hiring a wedding planner but the idea was shot down by Titi and Oreva.
"I don't understand you Chi, what are we here for" Oreva said
"Abi o, we're not hiring any planner, we'll plan the whole thing ourselves" Titi told her.
Chioma didn't have much of a choice, or rather Oreva and Titi didn't give her any.
Its been 6 weeks and everything is set for the big day, just 4days to the event, the girls decided to have lunch at their favourite café; to finalise things for the wedding.
Chioma's pregnancy is starting to show but not conspicuously enough, she's so happy that the wedding is finally here. She can't imagine having a child out of wedlock, her parents will not hear of it.
Thank goodness for Chike, he's been so understanding and loving, "oh I love that man" She reminded herself. And to her girls, they've proven to be real Sisters, they've stood by her through it all.
Helped her plan this fairytale wedding, she's gonna have two maid of honors and she doesn't care how weird it is. Titi made the wedding gown and the first time Chioma saw it she wept.
"Its so beautiful" She told Titi.
The wonderful thing about this great friends of hers is that they put their heart into helping with the wedding. Titi took care of all the clothes for the bridal train, Oreva got a five star venue for the reception and will bring her fellow models as protocol and greeting officials, these are among many things they did.
After putting all the last minute plans in place, they ordered lunch and drinks and made a toast to the success of the wedding.
"Girls, I can't thank you guys enough for what you've done for me. You're not just friends, you guys are my sisters" She thanked them as tears rolled down her cheeks. She started to sob.
Titi and Oreva got up hugged her tight.
"Sisters forever" Titi said.
"Sisters forever" Chioma and Oreva chorused.

Jide has been a bag of conflicting emotions ever since his emotional encounter with Oreva at her place. He's been battling feelings within him, confused sort of, or so he believes. He's been spending his time between Lagos and Abuja, basically because of Oreva.
He has come to terms with the fact that he's about to be a father but he still doesn't know how to break the news to his Dad. He knows what the old man will say, he can almost picture him saying "how could you be so careless Jide, no son of mine will have a child out of wedlock.
You better start preparing for the wedding right away. I don't want to know who she is, just marry her before she gives birth"
He doesn't even know if he loves her enough to want to marry her. Did he just say love? He shook his head. "I need air" he took his car keys and stepped out of his office. He instructed his secretary to cancel all his appointment for the day and that he won't be back to the office.
He drove for 30 minutes and found himself in a park, Abuja has lots of nice resort parks. He sat on a bench, removed his jacket and loosened his tie. "Love, that's a strong word. Do I love her?" He asked himself. "I'm still in love with Titi" he told himself "Or am I?" He asked aloud.
Jide hates feeling this way, confused and unsure. He has developed something these past months for Oreva, something that he can't figure out yet, something that he feared is more than what he feels for Titi. Whatever it is, he must find out and know once and for all. "I'm going to Lagos this weekend" He said. "First to see Titi and then Oreva, I need to settle this and be sure, at least for the sake of the baby" That's a lie, and he knows it.


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