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Capitalism and You - Anichebe

There are broadly 4 types of capital which men may trade with freely to achieve what they want.

1. Financial Capital: Real estate, money whether inherited, won in a lottery, stolen or earned.

2. Social Capital: Your connections. Who you know and the trust and relationship they have with you. Politicians use this as their call card.

3. Human Capital: What you know. Your degree, experience, knowledge and expertise. Engineers, doctors, lawyers use this to earn their living.

4. Erotic Capital: How handsome/beautiful you are. Your physical assets. Models, actors, sex workers, artistes and marketers in general trade with this asset to slant deals in their favour.

The art of doing business and politics lies in your ability to convert your social, human and erotic capital into financial capital in the short/long run. So decide which of these you have and set about getting what you want.

Don't be afraid to see what you see, think for yourself and make your own rules. Stay resolved to ac…

Photo of the Day: Perfect Couple's First Kiss

Is this christian couple love in some 'deeper' quarters?

Jenny Chisom Birthday Eulogy as She Celebrates Today

It's my birthday today and I'm happy to have friends like you to share my joy with.

I celebrate God's goodness in my life and appreciate your presence in my life.

This blog has blessed my life and opened uncountable doors for me especially because you take out time to read it.

My parents 34th wedding anniversary is also today, do say a prayer for them please.

I love you!

To celebrate with me, email me or tweet at me; if you are in Abuja, do let me know too.

Thank you very much!


Football is often times regarded as a universal language because of the uniting power of the game. The World Cup 2014 provides an even greater universal cause with supporters from all over the world pledging their allegiance to their teams through numerous avenues, ranging from a trip to Brazil to watch the matches live, to cheering from home in their national jerseys.The World Cup is the single greatest marketing milestone on the planet and overtime has become an FMCG marketing battlefield. The advent of e-commerce however presents new marketing opportunities for the world cup in Nigeria as well as all over the world.Onsite Customization and Promotions:Major e-commerce players in Nigeria have customized their logos with visual world cup elements such as a football image inserted into their logos while the others have specialized categories, landing pages and slider banners in order to sell sporting items and promote world cup products which have been a fast sell this season.Social Me…


Sadly Nigeria is out of the World Cup however here is a hilarious video by online marketplace to pick your spirits up this World Cup Season.

Ladies you want to know how to grab your man's attention during the world cup?!!! Then you must watch this!

Guys do not fall into this trap! Watch to learn the trick!! Click this link