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"How could he do this to me, how? Titi wondered, she had been crying
since Oreva told her who her mystery lover was. She couldn't bring herself to accept that Jide could do this. Yes he has always been a little wild with the ladies but that had never really bothered her. Titi has
always believed that he would change, that she could change him.
Apparently that was not going to happen anytime soon, and this is the last straw.
"Haba na, look at me, I've been faithful to him" Titi said, sobbing.
"I knew he was messing around with some girls but to sleep with Oreva,
ha, I can't take this"
Chioma came as soon as she could, she wondered what could make her
best friend cry uncontrollably on the phone. Jide, this guy again, but Titi doesn't listen, she had told her to call it quits with the lying cheat ages ago but for reasons totally alien to her Titi had refused to heed her advice.
"Its ok dear, please stop crying. I've told you several times…

Nigeria Social Media Operational State Hashtags (#SMOHash) Unveiled Today August 20th 2014

Five Financial Rewards Possible With a Blog - Dayo Samuel

Here's your first blog lesson : 5 financial rewards possible with a blogAll bloggers deserve to make money, really. Well, just the hard working ones at least really do. I mean, we put many hours into our blogs every week, a lot of MB exhausted, and not many of us actually earn a penny from it.I understand blogging could be a hobby for most. And no, a hobby isn't always as profitable until it is made professional. So I'll start with the recommendation I always give my students: To make money with your blog demands that you determine your level of blogging and constantly seek to improve There are 5 basic levels that exist: (( #1. Hobbyist Level )) - Here you just blog because you just want to have a presence and be in the trend. What you should focus on doing here is finding your unique voice. At this level you should be making around N30,000 a month depending on the strategies you engage.Who doesn't like an extra cash?(( #2. Serious Hobbyist )) - Here you're focused…

FEMALE DJ FRIZZIE And Summer Girl Video Mix Unveiled

The bubugaga and summer girl crooner finally lets us into his new structure of things as he officially shows off his official disc Jockey popularly known as Dj Frizzie.

Female Dj Frizzie is a versatile artiste and Dj who has featured on a lot of live events and some major TV events. She is currently part of the new coolTV staff as a DJ. Listen and download the special mix put together by Dj frizzie (Audio and video) termed SUMMER GIRL.

For full details on dj Frizzie visit the website:

Instagram: @female_DJFrizzie
BBM Channel: C0048F320





1.            Mr 2kay - Summer Girl (Samba)

2.            Solid Star - Negotiate

3.            Skales - Shake Body

4.            McGalaxy - Sekem