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TuFace, SoundSultan, IK Osakioduwa, BasketMouth and others in Head Gone Film

Be the first to see it! Here is the Head Gone Film Trailer

Featuring 2face Idibia, SoundSultan, Basket Mouth, Baba Dee , Zack Orji, Baba Alue , IK Osakioduwa , Akpororo amongst others.

Follow @HeadGoneFilm on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information.


A lady called me yesterday at 9pm, her husband does not allow her use phones, she was freaking out. Your spouse holds a PhD degree but has refused to work. He/She results to contract jobs that kick in once every 5 years, leaving your family destitute.Someone has moved into your house, how long will she stay? A mother verbally abuses her child daily, and doesn't know how to stop. A man just told his wife that he likes men. A wife does not initiate sex and uses it to punish her husband. A Pastor is contemplating suicide. A Pastor's child is on drugs. Hatred is so prevalent now. Do we hate people  because they are a reflection of us, or do they remind us of someone who hurt us in our past? Is it okay to gossip about what is true?  Do we really have a past, or did we just make up some sad story to keep us in victim mode? Hmmmm. A 50 year old spinster seems to be comfortable, but wants children from a man she doesn't even care about. Ummm, must we all get married? Must we all h…

Story For The gods

"First vow of success: Never again will I pity or belittle myself." ~ Og Mandino

Validation is indeed a man's silent killer. Some people never make a move until someone or everyone approves of your ideas or actions is belittling.

You don't need me or anyone at all to determine how you should design your life. You are essentially what you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.

So be confident is having faith in your capabilities. Confidence is sexy. Confidence sells. Confidence leads to competence. Be confident, there is a God in you.

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
Make Your Life a Blockbuster™

CUTS and FABRICS: Part 9

"Thanks for coming to my little party, even though I don't know you.
Your presence lights up the entire hall"
Titi laughed, is this guy flirting with her? She asked herself.
"By the way my name is Jeremiah Obi" He said
"I know who you are Mr Obi, who doesn't know the famous photographer?"
She said. Why is she feeling this way? His presence affects her in a
strange way
"Please call me Jerry" he took her hand again and kissed it.
Titi felt a cold shiver run up her spine and she nearly jumped from her seat.
"Oh ok Jerry. I'm here with Chike and Chioma, they invited me, and this is no small party please. This is a gathering of stars" she said as she freed her hand from his.
Jerry laughed and revealed a set of white teeth that Titi noticed. Not
only is he a good dresser but he has a good dentition and his scent just
intoxicates her. "Wow, what a guy" she thought.
"Yeah I noticed. I'm sorry to say this and don'…

SNAP, UPLOAD AND SHARE: Join The Social Media Photo Campaign And Win: #LivingWhereilive

As Nigeria's marks yet another anniversary, what better way to show love for our mother land than celebrating our different areas. LivingWhereILive is a social media photo campaign focused on showing areas in Lagos and its environs through positive pictures.

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to encourage people of different communities in Lagos to rep their favorite areas using positive pictures showing their favorite spots, where they work or go to school, where they shop or where they just hangout and to reward participants and the community with the winning picture with prizes.

The "Living Where I Live" campaign is hosted by Lamudi Nigeria and is supported by Best Man Games, Street Shooters, InstaLagos, Snap It Oga, Monochrome Lagos, Logo and Lord Albert pictures, amongst others. Individuals are encouraged to send in photographs and videos of their neighborhoods.

The campaign will be run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To participate, individuals can visit …

Zainab Balogun Announced as the Face of Easy Taxi Nigeria's Safety Campaign

Easy Taxi Nigeria, Nigeria's foremost taxi requesting service today announces Zainab Balogun as the face of its safety campaign. 

In her role, Zainab will represent the Easy Taxi Nigeria brand campaign for safety by encouraging the usage of the application as a safe and convenient transportation option, with emphasis on the different taxi riding experience Easy Taxi brings. 

Bankole Cardoso, the Managing Director of Easy Taxi Nigeria states that "Zainab is the perfect fit for the company as she conveys the fun, youthful and audacious style the brand represents. We also chose her for this campaign because of her unique personality and her genuinely appealing brand presence. For this and many more reasons, we are thrilled to welcome her into the Easy Taxi Nigeria family". 

Known for her talents as a media personality, model and fast rising actress, the Nigerian beauty with brains will be partnering with Easy Taxi Nigeria to achieve its mission in the Nigerian transportatio…


To celebrate Nigeria's Independence Day on October 1st 2014, Nigeria's leading online marketplaces, developed a campaign tagged #IDreamofANigeria which requested Nigerians to take to social media and share their dreams and aspirations for Nigeria. 

The campaign which began on the 29th of September, trended in Nigeria on the 30th of September, 1st and 2nd of October, and in the UK on the 30th of September. The campaign received publicity from major press, both locally and internationally, for example, Al Jazeera:

According to Evangeline Wiles MD of Kaymu, "Nigerians are accustomed to Independence Day promotions, so we thought to do the unconventional and engage them in a conversation that enabled them share their feelings and aspirations for the good of the nation".

The event was signed off with an offline event on the 1st of October, which enabled pedestri…

Emotional Intelligence 1.0

People are not their behaviours. A person's behaviour can change from time to time not necessarily as a result of an inconsistent character on his/her part but largely due to an altered state of mind.

You'd react differently if someone scratched your car after you just received news that you won a N350million contract, than you would if you just heard news that you lost your job!

Happiness, anger, joy, sorrow, excitement, depression, passion, tiredness, stress, boredom etc are all various states or emotions we've experienced at one time or another.

Be careful of what state of mind you're in before taking a decision. Never make a promise when you're excited, never make a statement when you're angry.

Observe the H.A.L.T. sign. When you're Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, you're in the danger zone and at your most unresourceful state. Proceed with caution.

Acting impulsively today can only lead to regret tomorrow. Managing your own emotions is the true free…

Jenny Chisom asks Nigerians heart searching questions + celebrates Google Nigeria

Dear Nigerian,

Are you independent?

Still blaming the government for why you do not have jobs?
Still thinking that having a job is only when validated by others?
Still blaming the devil for keeping that bad habit after you know Jesus died to set you free?
Still thinking in tribes, language, culture, colour and just educational background preference?
Still believing that you need money first before you can start that business/company?
Still feeling someone else is better than you?
Still not trusting in what you can do?
Still waiting ...waiting and waiting while age runs on?
Are you truly independent?

The list continues....

Nigeria can only be truly independent when you become!

Thank you Google for this picture that celebrates Nigeria's independence and for making me own this blog at all.

Tony Tetuila's New Look Ready for 2015

Tony Tetuila had used his trademark blonde hair for his campaign posters after being advised by youth leaders to use it. He however received a huge backlash but have now released this new poster.

I totally love his new look and never knew he was this handsome. Don't you just love him now?.

Pst Ayo Oritsejafor Speaks on the $9.3m arms deal: I am not part of the deal. I know nothing about it

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, yesterday for the first time spoke on the controversial $9.3m cash allegedly smuggled into South Africa by two Nigerians and an Israeli using his private jet. The money which has been confiscated by a South African court was meant for the purchase of arms for the Nigerian Intelligence Services.This is just as the #BringBackOurGirls# campaign group, has said it will soon drag the CAN president and the Federal Government to court over the money.Following the use of his aircraft to convey the money which was not declared in South Africa until immigration officials discovered it, the CAN president was linked to the arms deal with critics condemning his role in the arms deal.Explaining his own side of the story yesterday, at an emergency meeting of the expanded National Executive Council, NEC, of CAN in Abuja, Pastor Oritsejafor denied any involvement or knowledge of the deal to buy arms in South Africa, noting…

#IDreamOfANigeria-Join the Conversation

What is your dream for Nigeria?

Join millions of Nigerians all over the world in sharing your dream for Nigeria this Independence day with the hashtag #IDreamOfaNigeria.

You can join the conversation on social media or drop by Lekki Phase 1 gate from 10am on October 1st and fill in your aspirations for Nigeria on a large chalkboard! Yes! An actual chalkboard!

Now when last did you write on a chalkboard?

Join the Revolution. Join the Conversation Now! #IDreamOfaNigeria

There are so many Independence Day campaigns, but this one takes the cake!

This campaign is brought to you by