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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 10

Oreva and Chioma left the hospital together. Chioma had to drive
Oreva's car because Oreva was in no condition to drive, especially after all what Chioma told her and coupled with the news Dr Ben gave her.
How could she miss it, no wonder he's been so distant and distracted
mostly. This is bad, this is really bad, but she didn't know, how could she have guessed, she had even asked him and he denied. This is not
happening to her, no wonder she has been avoiding her for awhile now,
though they talk sometimes on the phone but there's this certain disconnect when they speak and it's so glaring. Her present state
complicates things the more. well that's why she's here, to set things
straight and make sure everything goes back to normal, she hopes.

"Hey guys, didn't hear you come in" Titi said, she knew Mary allowed them in. What was Oreva doing here, they've not seen for some weeks now
and it was deliberate, on her part at least. She was trying to avo…

How To Make Money

Making money is simple & quite straightforward — believe me it is.

Find a problem most people have, provide the solution(s) to that problem and ensure that everyone that has this problem recognises that you have a viable solution.

So yes, it is quite simple. But is it easy?

No. Its often hard work — which is good because it keeps the majority of lazy people from encroaching into your space and eroding your value.

Simple happens when you understand how a system works, so you can easily replicate it. Writing A-B-C is simple and straightforward, it only gets harder when if I ask you to write it in Mandarin or Arabic.

So the problem with most broke people is that they don't understand the language of money.

Money comes when you are willing to become more useful to yourself and provide value in your society.

Is it easy?


You need to deal with the possibility of being rejected or disappointed. In addition, you may work crazy hours, get your hands dirty, learn a new skill a…

St Genevieve New Collection Debuts Today on Jumia Nigeria Exclusively

Nigeria's Award Winning Actress Genevieve Nnaji and Jumia Nigeria have partnered to launch the new collection of St Genevieve, exclusive to Jumia in Nigeria.

The new collection launching today showcases the fashion sense and 'Red Carpet' style. The collection is themed around pieces from chic to formal to casual with pieces that look like they came right straight out of Genevieve's wardrobe.

"By recreating my personal style into my Fashion Label, I am creating this collection that brings to life strong and sexy pieces for every woman to look good" Stated Genevieve Nnaji about Philomena collection"The collection is to all the women out there who want to look fabulous every time of the day in their simple outfits, that is what St Genevieve brand stands for'

'We are truly excited about adding the St Genevieve Collection to Jumia's Online fashion store in Nigeria also because we are giving every
Woman the opportunity to dress like a star and a leadin…

Jenny Chisom Launches Business Blog + Shares her Own Tough Business Start-Off

This blog has officially began to be the best business blog in Africa with niche in Small scale businesses and how to start off and grow it.
I started my content editing business in 2009 when I couldn't afford my most important business tool - a laptop computer at best. I would talk about my editing business and when I got a client, i would usually borrow a dear friend's laptop for a number of days. Then I would read the manuscript morning and night, until I got done with tracking changes and correcting errors. 
Back then, I was my own content editor, copy editor and proofreader in all. Lolz, but that birthed my small company Logos Audibles Enterprises which has become a sizeable content development and publishing services company that has published 11 authors, several writers and has become a training hub for bloggers, editors and small business owners.
I will share more of my journey in business here, but will like to hear your own enterprise story. Entrepreneurship runs in my …

Stage: Do They Hate Your Face On Stage?

There's a psychology to almost everything we do in life. Public speaking is not exempt.

Your first few words, your countenance, your gait, and salutation can make or mar your speech.

How do you grip this psychology and use it your advantage?

Samuel Babatunde Obafemi @sobafemi, a certified mind and emotion therapist will teach you what that psychology is and how to use it to your advantage.

Don't miss his session at SPEAKING PROPS, Abuja Edition.

SPEAKING PROPS is a Masterclass for public speakers & presenters.

A faculty of 6 notable public speakers will facilitate 6 powerful sessions at the class.

Date : 15th November, 2014.

Venue : Be Better Event Center, 6 David Mark Crescent, behind Adisa Estate, Gudu District, Abuja.

Time : 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Registration starts at 8 a.m prompt.

Fee : N10,000 (includes light refreshment, lunch, free e-books, and all teaching slides).

Limited seats are available, so make haste.

To register, pay into GTBank, 0120774989, Profound Impacts I…