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Nigeria, Spain trade exceeds 7.5bn Euro in 2013 -Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria says

The Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Amb. Alfonso Barnuevo Sebastian de Erice, has said that the volume of bilateral trade between Spain and Nigeria has exceeded 7.5 billion Euro in 2013. Sebastian de Erice said this at an event to mark the country’s National Day in Abuja on Thursday night. The ambassador said the trade figure was encouraging and important, adding that the Spanish imports were “progressively acquiring more weight”. “Spain is usually Nigeria’s fourth or fifth biggest client; 90 per cent of the petroleum consumed in Spain comes from Nigeria. “These facts give us an index on where our relations stand,” he said. He described the relationship between both countries as one based on mutual trust and respect. He added that more Spanish companies were seeking to partner with Nigeria in the sectors of engineering and construction, minting, food and wine. He said that Spanish businessmen in Nigeria had begun making efforts to open up new markets and win new projects in …

CUTS and FABRICS: Part 11

Titi pulled away from Oreva completely, she almost tripped but Oreva caught her before she hit the floor. Titi slumped on the chair, looking absent and preoccupied. So many things running through her mind at once, why is this all happening? Jide will be a father, she
wanted to hate Oreva and Jide but she couldn't find the will to that.

What has happened has happened and she can't stop it. Besides Oreva
loves Jide and she deserves to be happy, this baby will be loved.
She's going to put all this behind her, she's also going to make sure Jide acknowledges the child and take responsibilities. This child should bring Oreva and her even closer than ever; she'll shower the child with love and care.

Chioma has been silent since, watching Titi's every move. Oreva was still standing, sobbing and looking from Titi to Chioma, she
desperately needed someone to break the deafening silence. Indeed
silence can be loud, the silence in the office is making her agitated.
They both wo…


It was a gathering of the most outstanding personalities, captains of industries, stake holders both from the private and public sector, as well as well meaning Rivers citizens at the just concluded Garden City Advancement Award which held on 13th September 2014 at the Hotel presidential in Port-Harcourt.
The epoch event according to Mr. Koyoyo Robinson the principal partner explains that the Garden City Advancement Award is the first of its kind in Port Harcourt, set out to recognize and confer honour on deserving individuals and corporate organizations that have contributed to the advancement of Rivers State.

Some of the categories of award include youth transforming personality/capacity building institution for individuals and corporate organizations that have contributed to the reduction of unemployment and have promoted skill acquisition for youths. Individuals and corporate organizations received awards in other areas such as award for creativity and enterprise, award for leadersh…

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The Nollywood Movie Awards will take place on the 18th of October, 2014 at the Intercontinental hotels in Victoria Island Lagos. This is one of Nigeria's biggest showbiz event with the endless list of top acts in the entertainment industry in attendance.

This year's event will be hosted by an electric quartet comprising of the inimitable comedian Gordons, two of Nollywood's most glamorous ladies, Dakore Akande and Ure Uke. It is going to be a truly fun-filled and a Memorable Night.

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The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry has unveiled MD Evangeline Wiles, amongst others, as an LCCI Goodwill Ambassador in preparation for the 2014 Lagos International Trade Fair. The unveiling ceremony took place on the 14th of October at the Chamber head office in Victoria Island, Lagos.
The LCCI Goodwill Ambassadors are inspirational people who share a commitment with the chamber of commerce and industry to develop and promote the Nigerian economy. They possess widely recognized talent in the business, arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sports or other fields of public life and will help generate public awareness and understanding of trade, commerce and development causes, as well as inspire broad, positive, committed action in support of LCCI and LITF'S mandate and priorities.
In his opening speech, the Chairman of the Trade Promotion Board, Chief Dr Michael Olawale Cole stated: "The Goodwill Ambassadors have put the country first in everything they…


The Purpose Of Business

As a human, eating food is important. Sleeping is also pretty important too.

As a business, making more money is important. Making higher profit margins is also pretty important too.

But just like eating and sleeping, although important isn't the primary reason why we exist. It is important to remember that the reason why we started a business isn't primarily for profit.

We started because we saw a need the customer had and we wanted to fulfil it.

Profit becomes a natural by-product of continually seeking out new ways to delight and excite your customers. Unfortunately most people forget this fact and pursue profit first then purpose later.

The ones who last and outlive the competition are the ones who are constantly fulfilling the purpose for which they exist. Most businesses owners want something FROM their customers. Successful businesses want something FOR their customers.

What do you STAND for? Do you remember?

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
Make Your Life a Blockbu…