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Inspiring Profile: Madam C.J. Walker Rose From Poverty To A Millionaire By Manufacturing Hair Products

C.J. Walker, was the first female African-American millionaire who rose from poverty by establishing a hair care products company in 1912.
Inspiration urged Walker to establish a line of hair care products for Afro-American women; with the challenges in penetrating business circles dominated by Afro-American men; involvement in social and political causes using her wealth and fame.

This woman who was born on December 23, 1867 got this to say about SUCCESS.

"I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook kitchen. And from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations….I have built my own factory on my own grounds." – Madam C.J. Walker

Brick Emma Oko bags Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Awards

It was a night of galore at the popular five star hotel, Sheraton, Abuja as the multi-talented entertainer, Emma Bricks Oko was given an award of recognition by the Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Awards

Emma Bricks Oko is an Actor, Compere, TV/radio host, writer as well as media consultant based in the nation's capital and also the organizer of the popular annual "Abuja Top Celebrities Praise and Thanksgiving" where all entertainers in the FCT irrespective of religion meet and praise God for successful events at the end of every year.

It is in this regard that the founder of the Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador, Chris Odey found it necessary to recognize him for his immense contribution to the growth of the Abuja entertainment industry and the industry at large.

Bricks recently starred in one of the block buster Ghetto movies directed by the veteran actor/Producer FEMI Ogedengbe which has the working title as "FCT GHETTO RUNS" which he co-produced alongside Holy…

Write, Submit and Win: Carmudi Supports ‘The Young and Cerebral Essay Competition 2014’

Top youth radio show 'The Young and Cerebral' hosts essay competition. The radio show which focuses on celebrating young and intellectual Nigerians unveils this year's edition of 'The Young and Cerebral Essay Competition' to celebrate Nigeria's 54th Independence anniversary.

Organizer of the essay competition and presenter of the Young and Cerebral Adewumi Oshodi Tapa talked about the reasoning behind the essay competition. She said, "I always wanted to have a means of rewarding and acknowledge the younger generations that are making an impact in our society. I have had a lot of intellectuals and entrepreneurs on my show but I also realize that there is a greater percentage of youths and teens out there that have a lot to offer. That is why I decided to have this competition every year and reward the participants and winners with prizes such as laptops, smart phones, tablets and so much more."

Speaking on the reason behind sponsoring the essay competi… Expands Into Bus Partnerships to Provide More Accessible Hotel Booking Services to Nigerians

Jovago, – Africa's largest online hotel booking platform has announced partnerships with nationwide bus transport companies in Nigeria in order to make hotel bookings accessible to travelling Nigerians.

The company has so far partnered with over 20 bus transport agencies including Ekene Dili Chukwu, Izuchukwu Transport Nigeria Limited and has also kicked off a white label partnership with one of Nigeria's largest bus transport companies – God Is Good Motors, making their official hotel partner. Nigerians visiting the God Is Good Motors website can now easily find and book from over 200,000 hotels around the world and over 5,000 hotels in Nigeria.

God Is Good Motors on the partnership with

According to Ibemere Samuel, Director, Corporate Communications/Strategy, God Is Good Motors Limited, "We have realized that a lot of Nigerians are moving online to transact businesses, this is why we have created…

Men's Business: Men's Hangout on BBM Group with Jenny Chisom In September; Read Testimonials

I know this has been long overdue but thank God, it's here now. You knew about my decision to feel men's pulse on issues pertaining to women, responsibilities, relationships and marriage.

It was branded "howG" Hanging Out With the Guys and it ran from Sept 7th to 30th.

We discussed a wide range of topics via the BBM group and on twitter using the hashtage "howG", it was revealing and eye opening. The group has also remained after the program...hahahaha.

Here are some of the testimonials after the sessions:

KellyBlue M said: I have learnt how to interact and share my views on virtually every topic including relationship and family life. I hope to improve my life using the tips as shared on this forum. Thank you all for this great opportunity.

MEKKY M said: I learnt that even in in this present time when many people have joined the league of sexual escapade in the society, some ladies are still reserved, not driven by cultural sentiments, and not letting cur…

Federal Capital Territory Unveils The First Ever Capital Territory Advancement Summit & Awards

The Management of Newaves Innovation, an organization with a cutting-edge passion to set the pace for development in Nigeria is set to host the 3rd Annual Capital Territory Advancement Summit & Awards, an initiative borne out of the need to address the salient and topical issues and challenges facing the Capital city.
It is an avenue for individuals, corporate organizations and leaders to air their views and proffer workable solutions to these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja, the Director of Programs, Mr. Koyoyo Robinson, said that the summit will gather intellectuals, professionals, business icons, administrators, politicians, youths, entrepreneurs, Community leaders, security personnel and experts in various fields of human endeavor. It will also be an opportunity to recognize and honor those who have contributed to the advancement of the Capital city.According to Mr. Koyoyo, Capital Territory Advancement Submit & Awards is recogniz…

Movie making Business in Nigeria: Femi Ogedengbe and His latest Abuja Ghetto Business

Travelling just 2 minutes away from Maitama in Abuja Nigeria is an undeveloped area, and that was the ghetto were Nollywood Director and Actor, Femi Ogedengbe has made his latest abode. 
Femi, who earlier in the year christened his twin babies, Hollywood and Nollywoood to the chagrin of most people, left his Lagos abode to an Abuja Ghetto were he is crafting a merchandise. I witnessed that he is on set his latest movie, "FCT Ghetto Runs", and is set to bring a new class and professionalism to Nollywood. He has always been known to be a great contributor to the development of Nollywood having acted in over 150 movies himself and directed/produced a few.
Like I always say, business can spring up in unlikely places. Let's keep a eye on the ghettos around us , pay a trip once in a while, If we do not live there and see what smart entrepreneurs like Femi Ogedengbe are cashing in on. Did I hear someone ask, "ghetto in the beautiful city of Abuja"? Yea, I can unveil more… MD Mentors Entrepreneurs on Business Growth

Jovago, – Africa's largest online hotel booking platform advises entrepreneurs to seek out strategic partnerships to grow their business.

At the recently concluded Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Business Networking Summit held in Lagos, Managing Director of, Marek Zmyslowski held a presentation where he talked to up-and-coming entrepreneurs about measures to take in order to get access to the required funding for their businesses.

He also outlined the benefits of strategic partnerships to a growing business.
The summit is centered on enlightening MSMEs on platforms/agencies that can be leveraged on for business growth and expansion, as well as empowering the MSMEs to access single digit (government backed) loans by connecting them to fund sources (BOI & NEXIM Bank).

Marek Zmyslowski, Managing Director of Jovago Nigeria stated, "When you have a business that is less than 3 years old, don't look for funding from banks, go to Ventur…

Public Speaking Business Package: Speak To Lead

The dynamics of nations have been altered by the power of the spoken word. Men who understand its potency have used the power to wreck havoc or polish landscapes - Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu etc

It takes fearlessness and confidence to wield such power.

Some have taken this unique gift and built it into an institution, running it as a business and earning profitably by turning destinies and organisations around - Fela Durotoye, Brian Tracy, Steve Harris etc

To enable you to lead via your voice, a faculty of 6 phenomenal speakers have been assembled to facilitate a special Masterclass called SPEAKING PROPS

i. Sam OBAFEMI : Psychology of Public Speaking

ii. Ebuka ANICHEBE : Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

iii. Ekundayo ODELE : Phonetic, Elocution & Speech Presentation Strategies

iv. David Ropo LAWALE : Business of Public Speaking

v. Kenneth Kadiri KOLO : Social Media for Public Speakers

vi. Emeka NOBIS: Propping Your Speaking Antics

Date : 15th Novemb…

CUTS and FABRICS: Part 13

Jide tried his best to hold his cool, what's this guy doing here, who is he and why is he almost naked? Oreva has some explaining to do. "I'm here to see Oreva" He answered, looking straight at the guy. Jide
wanted to smash the guys head against the wall, rage slowly consuming him. The man stepped aside and motioned for Jide to come in. He was still
smiling and he also noticed the Jide's black expression. "Oh, please come in" He said. Jide walked in, he wanted to go straight to Oreva's bedroom but he
found her sitting on the couch. She looked stressed and overworked,
her face was a bit swollen and it was obvious that she'd been crying. A box of Tissue paper sat by her side and she had one in her left hand that she used to wipe her nose. She wore a red spaghetti top, a black three quarter pants and was covered with a mickey mouse blanket. Her face
lit up as she heard Jide's voice. "Hi baby, thank goodness you made it" She sa…