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An Impoverished Inheritance

Poverty sometimes can be hereditary, sexually transmitted or inherited, especially when the really poor ones have no role models within their immediate community to emulate. Now they have been verbally programmed by their society since birth to either beg, fight, suffer or toil for a living.

The global net worth of 85 richest people in the world is $1.7 Trillion. The combined wealth of 3.5 billion poorest in the world is $1.7 trillion.

Some might assume what I do for a living doesn't make much of a difference. I know it does. The reason I've toured the country speaking and teaching countless numbers of people this year is with a hope to change their mental programming and remind our youths that entrepreneurship is just about solving problems.

Riches and wealth comes as a reward for being a solution provider. The Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs, Dangotes, Otedolas and Bransons are all providing services. So ask yourself, what services can I offer? What problems can I solve?


What Are Beliefs? - Anichebe

Beliefs are our operating systems installed deep inside us. The beliefs we have guide our thinking, attitudes, behaviour and ultimately our outcome.

Humans are neither good nor bad. Its their behaviours that can be described as being either good or bad. Some people are handicapped by default due to their poor operating systems which they have either been verbally programmed, or modelled from their parents or society.

As teachers and parents, we spend too much time trying to change human behaviour, when we should be influencing their belief systems.

Here are some empowering beliefs to serve you:

1. The past does not equal the future.

2. There is always a way if I'm committed.

3. There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I'm succeeding.

4. I am not my behaviour. I can change my behaviour.

5. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.

6. I give more of myself to others than anyone expects.

7. I create my own reality and am responsibl…

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On Saturday 22nd November 2014, the 1st Nigerian DotCom Awards was held at the Protea Hotel, Lekki, with dignitaries from different sectors of the Internet Economy winning awards in over thirty categories. The award ceremony was organised by American Internet Business School in collaboration with Afrinet Business Solutions. The aim of the event was to honour people and organisations that have distinguished themselves in setting an admirable standard for the Nigeria online market growth; the movers and shakers of the Nigeria dotcom economy.Dr. Ope Banwo, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Afrinet Business Solutions stated, "We feel that one of the ways to develop internet business in Africa is to start to recognise people who are doing great in internet business. So we organised the first dotcom awards in Africa. The Nigeria dotcom awards."Different awards were given to the winners of each category. The ceremony was designed to recognise the firms that have made great contri…