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Why Selling Children Products Is A Money Spinner in Nigeria

I stumbled on a statistics that put the number of births in Nigeria in the last 4 years at 6 million. This statistics is said to be more than births in the whole of European union. That got me thinking that products like baby food, wears, medicine, body care products  amongst many others will make a 'kill' in Nigeria. Services such as child-minding, Nanny, Creches as well as children centred events will remain a cash buzz. Nigeria is one country where a focused entrepreneur can make tremendious wealth just by thinking of solutions to needs and offering relief services especially in the children and mom sub-sector.    As a Jumia consultant you don't need to bother with capital to buy children products and resell, just join the program and make money selling children products and ofcourse knowing that your buying target are parents especially moms.Reselling for any other offline children store can also be a great strategy. Do let us know if starting a children business is o…

Why My Own New Year Does Not Start In January

In my church last year,on the eve of the new year,after the shout of the annual ritualistic "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and the congregation started congratulating one another, my pastor, Deji Onileowo,received a call on his mobile phone to come and attend to one of the church members who had been sick at home. I chose to accompany the pastor to the home of the sick member. On getting there at about 12:50 am,the health condition of the member had so worsened that we had to rush her to the emergency unit of the state teaching hospital. On getting to the hospital,the gory sights of patients inside the emergency ward made me doubt if there was anything new about the year to those patients at the verge of life and death. I had ever since had a critical view of every first day of the month of January which is celebrated by all and sundry as the beginning of new year.    In line with the general and regular Gregorian/ christian calendar, every new year starts on the first day in the month of…

Happy New Year JCBloggers

Happy NEW YEAR peeps! 
Yay! We made it into 2015...this is THE YEAR!
Count your blessings and commit to moving forward this year. I just got of live stream of my church service at almost now, and my pastor, Goodheart Ekwueme said something so profound and I employ you too to take heed.
He said this year is a year of "spiritual intelligence"...there should be no room for spiritual ignorance. Hey, even if you are not a Christian, you would agree that things are going to be tougher in the world and believe me ONLY true believers will smile in the coming famine.
So its a WORD FEAST this year peeps! Get the bible, read it cover to cover, study it and let it reposition you from 2015 and onwards.
Keep reading this blog, bookmark it as I promise to bring business mentorship and How-Tos that are impact full.
Welcome to your year of establishment for enthronement!
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